'This world is in danger Mitchell.'

'In danger?'


'Where am I?'

'Only you know your place in life.'

'Who am I?'

'To know yourself, you must know the world.'

'Who are you?'

'I am the last of the elders.'

'Where am I going?'

'Your purpose in this life has yet to be seen young one. Have patience.'


'You shall know what to do when the time comes young one. Go now and complete your destiny.'

I awoke with a start, all my hairs on end. What in the world was that? It felt so… vivid. The mist, the darkness, the voice; all so real. I've never had anything like that happen to me before. I turned toward my clock. 2:33 PM. Typical for me, staying up all night tends to keep you in bed all day. Shaking off the dream, I stumbled sleepily to the bathroom.

When I look into the mirror, between the toothbrush and sink, I see just your standard male of twenty-three: Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, a slight hint of acne, that kind of stuff. My names Mitchell and I'm your typical, lovable slacker. I pretty much live with my dad, but he's rarely around anyway. I washed my face and pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt.

I sat down at my computer desk and turned on the monitor. I closed out the various text documents I'd been reading the night before and checked my email. Unsurprisingly, just loads of junk mail and spam. I sighed and flipped off the computer. Beep, Beep, Beep. Hmm, text message; could be interesting. I sifted through the pile of books I had lying around trying to find my mobile. They are as varied as my interests, from computer programming to chaos magick. Even if I am a slacker, I've always been thirsty for knowledge.

'Ah! Here it is'. I picked up the phone and scrolled through the messages.

December 02, 2011 2:45 PM -8 GMT

From: Ian Liszt

Message: hey dude, meet me over at the usual place

Eh, why not. I didn't have anything better to do. We'd usually hang out together, and we've known each other since high school. His skill with a computer is top-notch, and he gets all sorts of offers regarding it. I threw on my shoes, grabbed my mobile, and headed for downstairs.

My Dad was reading some news on his tablet computer. 'Going somewhere Mitch?'

'Yeah, probably to the café'

'Ah…' He switched off his tablet. 'So, have you looked into any colleges yet?'

'No I haven't Dad.'

'You know you've got some scholarships from some great places for some new and up-and-coming stuff; Biotechnology, Cybernetics, all sorts of stuff.'

'That's great.'

He sighed. 'Well, whatever Mitch. I'll probably be going off to Casablanca for a couple days on some business, try not to destroy the house too much while I'm gone.'

'Ok, see you later.'

'Yeah. Uh, later.' He sat back down at the table; looking a little preoccupied. I guess negotiations weren't going well. They rarely did, it seemed.

I walked outside onto the streets. Our house was conveniently close to most of the shops and the commercial district. The weather was pretty tame, and the sky was pretty clear. Pretty nice California day. I stopped by a friend of mine's shop; he ran an electronics shop. If he didn't have it or couldn't get his hands on it, it probably doesn't exist.

I walked into the shop, the smell of new and old electronics wafted up to my nostrils. It was a small shop, but had a huge basement. 'Yo, what's up Jake?'

'Oh, hey Mitch!' I heard him yell from the bottom of the stairwell leading to the basement. His pale face popped up not moments later. 'What can a bloke do for you?'

I loved his British accent, it seemed to suit him. 'Hah, nothing man. Just making sure you were still alive.'

'Ah, yeah; doing great actually; got a nice piece of 'ware from the net. It'll break any electronic lock from within fifteen feet!'

'Wow. With everyone installing those left and right, something like that'll be sure to shake things up.'

'No joke, here let me load it onto your mobile.'

Within moments my mobile popped up with a dialog to accept a transfer. I accepted.

'Heh, well cool man. I've got to go meet someone but I'll talk to you later'

'Yeah, no problem.'

I walked out the shop and headed down the street. When I arrived at the café, I bought a black tea. I needed some caffeine to wake up. Café Le Du Début was a nice place to hang out, with a modern French-culture theme. The slight overtone of ambient music and great tea made it one of my favorite places to chill. I was a regular here, and people usually knew me. I took my usual seat in the back, left corner of the place and waited for Ian to show up.

'So wait, you're saying you've found what?'

'I already told you, I can't say.'

'Then what the hell did you want from me?'

'I need you to hold on to this disc. They don't know about you yet, so you should be able to keep it safe.'

'Who the hell are 'they'? Are they chasing you? You're not making any fucking sense!'

'Look, just trust me. These guys aren't kidding around and I've got something they want. I'll be going underground for a bit, if I can even make it out of town that is, but I need you to hold on to that.'

'What? Why are you getting me involved in this?'

'You're the only one they haven't caught up to yet. I'm not sure why, but you seem to be low on the radar. Whatever the reason, just keep that disc safe.'

'Dude, whatever. This is fucking crazy.'

'I've stayed for too long. Just keep it Mitch.'

This was quickly spiraling out of control. As he subtly half-ran-half-walked off, I was left staring at this disc he'd shoved into my hands. I just sat there sipping my drink for a little while in the back of this café. I assume he hacked something someone didn't want him to see and now he's being hunted for it. I was worried, but I figured he could handle himself. Well, nothing much to do but look at the disc right?

It looked like a standard DVD disc. Silvery, smooth, all that jazz. I popped it in and looked at the contents. There were only two files listed: One huge file that looked like just a random assortment of bytes, and another that looked mysteriously like a compressed video file. I opened the second only to be greeted by the same guy that had shoved this disc into my hands only several minutes before. It began playing:

'I knew you couldn't resist a mysterious disc. Listen carefully now. Mitch, I'm probably dead and you're probably very, very confused. Something is happening to this world, something is ripping it apart. Even if I can't understand it fully myself, I'm betting on you to. There is a group who would use this knowledge for power at any cost. So, be careful. Go visit Roe Evans in the basement of Warehouse #55 in the old industrial yards at the edge of town. He'll be able to help you, hopefully.'

I sat there, staring at the screen as the video repeated itself. It couldn't be true, this must be some kind of sick joke. Finally, his tone at the café convinced me that this was genuine and something terrible was going on. As far as I know, he's dead somewhere and he's left me with some disc with a cryptic message and some random data. I just need to go see this Roe Evans guy and find out what the hell is going on exactly.

As I came up to the old industrial yard, the car rumbled to a stop. I walked outside and looked around. A bleak landscape of abandoned construction equipment, rusting iron, and dilapidated warehouses filled the area. Everything was enclosed by a large fence, with uninviting razor-wire at the top. 'Oh shit.' I looked around for a weak spot in the fence, just something that I could get through without climbing the fence. "Heh, how convenient." Some kids had already cut through the fence. I climbed through the human-sized hole in the chain-links and made for Warehouse #55. I was going to get to the bottom of this.

When I came to the building, it looked exactly like a place I didn't really want to be at. I began walking for the door into the building when I started to hear some footsteps behind me. I quickly ducked into a dark alley between the buildings and waited. As the footsteps came closer, several figures materialized out the night. They didn't look too friendly, being fully armed with automatic rifles and body armor. I was wise to hide when I did, or I'd have surely died. They busted in the door and rushed the place. I heard shouting and a single thud of someone being hit. The next thing I saw was a man being dragged out and them interrogating him. This was not good. This couldn't be good. I had to get out of here! I quickly turned only to find two pearls of white staring directly at me, and then blackness.

Back here again, the mist and all; but this was no dream. It was real.

'Your time is not yet young one.'

'What the hell is going on?'

'You must save Terra, save the World of Three.'

'The World of Three? Terra? What?'

'The answers will come in time young one.'

I was waken up to the sound of my own breathing. It was surprisingly harder than usual, and I couldn't move or see anything. My head felt like it was being pummeled by several jackhammers all at once; not exactly pleasant.

'Do you think we can trust him?' A female voice, younger. Typical American accent. Maybe a slight southern drawl, but not much of one.

'Well he didn't look like a Conscript, hiding in the corner like that. Hah, he's finally waken up.' Stronger, deeper, Russian accent; probably a guy in his mid-forties.

'I'm going to talk to him alone, you two leave.' Another guy, probably the leader.

I heard footsteps going away from me, and a door closing. Heavy, probably not made of wood, and probably not easily breakable.

'So, I have a few questions for you—'

The shroud was pulled off my head. I breathed the great breath of someone under a bag.

'What the hell is going on? Who are you? Where am I?' I was frantic, seeing that guy at the warehouse wasn't exactly encouraging.

'Hey, I'll be asking the questions here. What's your name?' His tone of voice wasn't exactly the kind you'd want to mess with. He was also much bigger than me, obviously either he was working out way too much, or I was working out way too little.

'Ok, ok. I'm Mitchell. Mitchell Coheir.'

'Coheir? That sounds… familiar.' He shook her head for a moment. 'Eh, anyway. Ok… Mitchell, give me a reason that you aren't a Brotherhood spy and I shouldn't slit your throat right now.' He pulled out a chair from the corner and sat in it reversed, looking towards me expectantly.

'What? I don't even know what the hell a Brotherhood is, how am I supposed to be a spy.' I thought about it for a moment. 'I guess those guys at the warehouse were from the Brotherhood, right?'


'They would probably have killed me, or taken me away like that other guy; had you guys not caught me first'


A long awkward silence overtook the room. It was pretty dark other than the center me and him were occupying. I sort of just sat there and stared at him.

'I'm not a spy! I'm not part of the Brotherhood!'

'Ok, fine. I'm pretty sure I believe you. A spy would have already killed themselves.'

I could feel my body unwinding from his words. I really didn't know what I would have done had he not believed me. Die, I guess? 'Whew. Hey, uh; what was your name?'

He began talking and untying me at the same time. 'I'm Jayden, and you're in my headquarters; well the headquarters of the Blue Phoenix.'

'Blue Phoenix?'

'Yeah, we're a rebel group against the Brotherhood.'

'I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.'

'Hah, yeah; I figured.' He seemed way too jovial about the whole thing. 'I can't explain to you everything, but maybe I can help you out. Come with me.'

As soon as I got gravity under control again, I made my way through the doorway where Jayden just disappeared. It was a tunnel, lit from above by typical utility lamps. I ran up to where Jayden was.

'So, Jayden, do you know Ian Liszt?'

'Ian Liszt? I think he had helped us at one time. We haven't heard from him in a while.'

'He was a friend of mine. A little while ago he came up to me in a hurry and gave me this DVD. It says he is probably dead and that the world is being ripped apart.'

'Uh… We can talk about that later, I guess.' He seemed really apprehensive talking to me about it. I decided to change the subject. 'How about Roe Evans?'

'Roe Evans? He was a packrat of sorts, he was the one that got dragged away last night. Let's just say we probably won't be seeing him again, the Brotherhood rarely takes prisoners.'

'Oh.' I had just lost my first, and only, lead into this whole mess. 'How about the World of Three?'

He snapped around to stare me in the face. 'The World of Three? Who told you that? Be quiet. We'll talk somewhere else.'

I shut up pretty quickly then. We finally got to a recess in the wall and both ducked inside. With a look of severity he turned to me. 'Look, there's probably only four people who know about that, and you just made five. Mind explaining yourself?'

'I… I don't know; I've been having dreams, at least I think they are dreams, and I remember The World of Three.'

'A planewalker? Amazing.' He just stared at me for a moment.

'Planewalker? What? Damnit this just keeps getting more confusing.'

'No time, we need to get you to the lab.'

We walked quickly down the rest of the tunnel to a large blast-door. Foot thick metal, not exactly breakable. He waved his hand over a black panel to the left and entered a 5 digit code on a keypad to the right. A sudden rush of air came from under the door, and we walked in. My eyes had to get used to the bright white room; such a contrast from that dark tunnel.

'Jayden, where have you— Who's that?' A skinny guy with glasses and a goatee.

'I think he's a planewalker Harry.'


'He asked me about the World of Three.'

'Oh, wait, how?'

'I said the same thing. My only reasoning is that he's it.'

I couldn't stand being talked about while I was right there. 'Now just wait a second. You, uh, Harry? Harry, you need to explain what's going on to me. Now.'

'Uh, Jayden?'

'Yeah, go ahead'

'Ok, here's what going on. The world you think you live on, Earth, was known by other names in the past. Namely, Terra and the World of Three. If the ancient texts are to be believed, Earth is split into three parts, a realm of Technology, a realm of Physical Magick, and a meta-realm where Technology and Magick coexist. A planewalker should be able to traverse these realms as they please. The Brotherhood would collapse the three into one, destroying the other two, quite possibly all three.'

I was, to put it mildly, skeptical. 'What? Are you really serious? You drag me down here to who-knows-where and tell me that Earth is actually three-dimensions all set together in some sort of harmony and that there's some secretive society that aims to destroy it?'


'Where's the fucking exit.'

Jayden looked at me again. 'We're dead serious here Mitchell. I'm not sure what fortune brought you to us, but we think you're a planewalker.'

'Yeah, right.'

The scientist-looking guy walked up to me. 'Why don't we just show you.'

Me and Jayden both snapped towards him. 'What?'

'Well, if he is in-fact a planewalker, he should have no problem crossing over. Most subjects couldn't handle the strain of the system, and found them selves sick. But, he should be naturally in-tune to the device.'

'Whatever you think Harry.' Jayden didn't look too convinced.

'Come with me Mitchell.' I followed Harry to the center of the room where a single chair was set.

'Ok, take a seat and relax.'

I sat down, and waited. Harry said something from behind me. 'Close your eyes Mitchell.'

I closed my eyes and stared at the inside of my eyelids. I began to hear a whirring, like an electric motor. I guess they were trying to start something, some sort of machine. 'I don't see what this is going to do for me. How is this going to–'

'What the hell? Where did he go? He just vanished! Harry?'

'I don't know, I didn't even start the process. Look, his clothes are still here.'

'The Magickal Realm awaits you young one.'

'Wait! Tell me about the World of Three! Tell me something!'

'Go find the Temple of Three.'

'The Temple of Three? What?'

'Beware the Black Cloak. Go now.'