The Game of Life

If there's hope where there shouldn't be

Some people like to call it naivety,

But maybe we're just wishing for change

And the one day that hope will not be


As time passes, that hope gets smaller

With people always stepping on it

And giving us reason to just give up

Because there is no room here for

H O P E.

Every chance to get proved wrong;

Every chance to be redeemed;

Every chance to take a shot;

Every chance to make a new story;

G O N E.

And we're all sick and fucking tired

Of being ridiculed for being hopeful;

Of being laughed at for a mistake;

That we stop playing this game and

Q U I T.

Even after calling it quits,

There's still that bit of hope

That gets us into trouble because

No matter what, it won't go

A W A Y.

We prefer not to learn—

Which we can't really help—

From the mistakes that we made

Because that is all that we

K N O W.

We've come to accept all that we do

And all that has been done

But the only thing we say is

This is the game of

L I F E.