Wait, Just Like This

For a half-second your eyes dashed
through mine–
you weren't even looking at me,
but your straight-soft body was
so all-glancing, so all-there
sightful. I watched
the corners of you stare out
at the deer in the grass: you
had never seen them so still,
so near. I'd never seen
a person so enchanted.
And you were the deer
to me. Graceful as those
does, proud as the young buck
still half hid in the trees.
I wanted to tell you
how perfect you were–how
awed I was by your grown-man's
innocence, your overwhelming
broken-strong fragility. The pale
glowing flushed face skin that
belied the calmness exuded
and revealed the exhilaration,
the enchantment.
I could only put a work rough
hand to your cheek, shudder
at your coolness warmth and
whisper a shatter voiced
'Wait–just like this'
as I turned to capture these
crystaled images before they
were vanished into unquenchable

26 January 2007