Part 1

Even as I sit here now, it is difficult to believe that there was a point in my life when I almost lost her. After all these years I have tried time and time again to imagine my life without her, yet, each moment I spend pondering over that I feel myself drifting away. Time yields and I find myself back to the first summer I spent with her. That was the most memorable summer break of my high school years and if I could relive those months for the rest of my life, I would without a second's hesitation.

It was my senior year, well the beginning of it , since it was only summer, the year was still months away, and I remember the days with perfect clarity. The summer began with a bang and I say that quite literally. I, like most guys, take pride in my car, I shine her up using all of the best resources, naturally, but even the most analytically cared after cars cannot withstand a reckless driver.

I was merely waiting at the traffic light on my way home from a trip to the local blockbuster in search of the newly released remake of the 1978 cult favorite, Dawn of the Dead, when I happened to glance up into the rear view mirror. My eyes were distracted by the blinking lights of a speeding police car far in the distance, rushing in my direction. It was an instantaneous moment of distraction that has become so popular in our under entertained generation and, as bizarre as this may be, I am ever so grateful for the inevitable occurrence that would result. I was blinded by the shear magnificence of the lights as they clashed into one another, making a beautiful array of red and blue that glowed with the brilliance of the Aurora Borealis. I was entranced , purely and simply state, I could not draw my eyes from the ravishing splendor. Suddenly, they seemed a great deal closer than they had before and as I tried to focus again, I saw a streak of yellow that blocked my view. In a heap of fury I looked closely at what caused my disturbance only to find that it was an old BMW soaring down main street trying to escape from the police.

Before I knew what had happened, I woke up in a hospital bed with a pain in my head. The lights in the room stung my eyes and I could feel the warmth of my cheeks as my eyes began to water. I reached to wipe the tears away, but before I was give the chance. I felt the large egg shaped bump on my forehead that was carelessly bandaged with gauze. I found feel myself sink back down into the bed as the previous evenings occurrences flashed before my eyes. Yet, without being able to collect myself and fully comprehend the series of events, I was suddenly jolted by the figures stirring about the room.

I wiped my tears away with the reverse side of my palm and cautiously opened my eyes to see my hospital room. Everything was gleaming with the sterility as only hospitals do to avoid infections and such. The room was vacant with the exception of a single body., that remained unclear as my eyes continued to water from the reflection of the florescent lights on the shining tiles. .I sat up, examining my body to see what had been damaged during the wreck. My head began to throb because I had risen to fast. I paused to calm myself, but my head suddenly, felt heavy and I laid it back down.

I heard the figure move forward, but my vision was far too blurred to identify her. A soothing hand slipped beneath mine as it lay motionless by my side. I immediately recognized the gentle touch. It was Sophie, my girlfriend, she had slept in the hospital awaiting the moment that I would gain consciousness. I was not glad to see her, it was more like a feeling of relief. We had been arguing over my need for independence earlier in the evening and I was so upset that I left moments before the trip to Blockbuster. I love this woman and I had since the second what I met her, but she was suffocating me. I anjoy spending time with her, but not every second of my day. I mean, I hadn't seen my friends for months because I had been so busy with her. More than anything else, I wanted to leave her, but I was afraid that I would not be able to find a person that loves me as much as I do Sophie.

She was beautiful, pale porcelain skin from head to toe, with the exception of the warm glow of a slight tan on her cheeks. She had hazel green eyes that were accented by the mahogany brown of her hair, which was of a rather extensive length. It reached down her spine to just above the hipbone, it was thin and wavy because she always had a peculiar fixture of braids to keep it out of her face as she worked. At the moent, it was up in a manner in which two loops hung where the hair had been tied up to begin the braid. She had deep, crimson, red lipstick and jet black eyeliner, both of which made her face seem unnaturally flushed.

"Andrew, I am really sorry about last night, you were right. I have been selfish Lately and I think that we should start fresh…" Her soothing voice seeped from between her lips as she trailed off.

"That's fine with me, but how are we supposed to go anywhere now? My car is all messed up." I tried to lighten the conversation a bit.

"It is pretty bad, but instead of having you waste your money on dates this summer, you can save up and pay for the repairs. My friend was telling me about a camp she used to work at that pays you a decent salary. I think that if you work there and at the lake this summer, by august you will have enough." I agreed with her and the minute I left the hospital, I signed up for work.