Desert Storm

1 Elliot I

I closed the door of my sanctuary and sighed into the dark. My practical gray book bag hit the floor. There was a slight tapping at the black, taped over window. I tapped back and opened the window. My book bag went out then two sets of hands pulled me through the window. Keely and Tiara went to the elite art school, we met at a club. They adopted me and treat me like their baby.

"Aw, Eli, hurry and change."

"Shush you," I replied while pulling my hair into a sun-bun and trading my long jean skirt for the blue plaid capris Keely held.


"Chill T, I've got it." I stripped off my JCPenny tee to reveal a black wife beater and slipped a blue fitted jacket over it. As we hopped in Tiara's black jeep, I rustled in my bag. "I need something black for the shirt."

"Here, switch bracelets with me. And you can have my shoes." Keely traded her black Chucks for my light blue ones and passed back her black spider web bracelet.

"Girls, today we are eating a la Bennie. She wants to talk." Tiara parked in the employee area of CookieCutter, the local dance club. We three girls scampered up the glass stairs, waving and blowing kisses at our favorite D.J.s and Bartenders.

"Bennie! We're here!" Bennie Cutter strutted through her door and tossed bags of Lays chips at us.

"Y'all are wonderful, y'know? I have another event I want y'all to do. Halloween Costume Weekend. Just work your magic, y'all are great. Will you go set up a show for tonight?" She handed over a folder stuffed with information. Within the Lisa Frank colors were our real marching orders.

"Mmmk, we love you too B." We linked arms and skipped off to Josie, head D.J. and awesome southern chick. I was in the middle, always in the middle with Keely as the wild child and Tiara as the good girl. We chose our happy dance mix, Techno Tuesday. We're theme and promo girls and our job kicks ass. Basically, we take the initial genius of Bennie's ideas and make it solid. Tiara wants to be a graphic designer and Keely is a theatre student. I fit in as their connecting point.

"Baby, how much time left?" I checked my cell.

"Ooo, only twenty minutes." We ran to the Jeep, yelling bye at the last second. I changed while T drove through midday traffic.

"We'll talk tonight. Elliot, don't you have a science test today?"

"Yes Mom," I sighed, slipping my skirt over the capris and putting my Penny's shirt back on.

"Did you study for the test?"

"No, don't need to."

"Elliot!" I hopped out of the Jeep before I could get the 'opportunities' speech and blew a kiss to them.

"We'll trade shoes later!" Keely yelled over the starting engine. I smiled as I tossed my book bag through the window and dropped in after it. The bell for 5th period rang as my feet touched the ground, perfect landing.

Sahara I

"This sucks." Whoohoo, a typical me statement. "Don't mind me, I'm being cynical and negative." My sister rolled her eyes but never the less handed me my boxes.

"Sara, you shouldn't slump, you never know who's watching." Wait, what was that you said, small man in green clothes with orange skin?

"Go to hell Sean."

"Perform! Life's a stage!" Sean would be my sister's gay leprechaun friend. I have nothing against gay people. I have something against SEAN. Little asshole, perky, upbeat, slightly taller than me. What really kills me is he has one of the hottest guys I've ever seen (Brad) and he calls him a roommate. Roommate my ass, or rather Sean's… whatever. Brad is, at the moment, carrying in my sister's printer, gay sex god that he is. God, I wish he was bi, or dating someone I liked. Maybe my hatred is being amped up because I'm bitter like a sour skittle against people in love.

"Si! I found sour skittles!" She ignored me, or maybe she couldn't hear me through the house.

Yah, I'm not bitter at all to people who have loving relationships. I am not going to strangle the next happy person I see. I am excited that I moved from beloved S.F. to videogame capital of the world. I love the fact that before I was up rooted, I caught my boyfriend (the jackass) cheating on me. So, despite being homicidally minded right now, I still can't help smiling when Sierra's fiancé, Colin hugs her, can't help the little glee I get when Brad tickles Sean to death. So, I'm a sucker in the end, love that romantacensor and everything…but I'm still in a man-hating mood. My cell phone vibrated in my back pocket. I took it as a sign for a break and sat down on the box of my office supplies I was carrying.

" 'Ello?" I really need to stop affecting that accent, Colin's gonna find it insulting.

"Hi Junior. It's me, Daisy Mae, they're hitting Club 7 next Friday."

"Thanks, take care of yourself." Daisy Mae. The D from list 4, The M from name 13, so I'm a bit of an organized freak. Markson told me other agents give their informants code names that relate to surroundings, not cross referencing.

"Sahara, get going or I'll wreck your office!" I sighed, stood and pulled the box into the house. Oh yeah, life is simply fabulous.