Elemental Kingdom

The Beginning

Night had fallen in the beautiful land of Elementrai, the current time was unknown. Most people would be asleep, but she was not. Something was amiss, she could feel it in her old bones. She made her way, slowly, carefully treading the beaten path that led to the Temple. She pushed open the doors, and stood in shock in the door way. Someone was there, someone who had their back turned to her. Carefully and quietly, she drew the sword nestled in its sheath from her hip. Slowly, she approached.

"Who dares intrude in the Wind Temple?"

She demanded, her ancient voice cold as she stared warily at the person standing in front of the statue of the Wind Goddess. The figure turned, a smile pulling at their lips. The figure was clothed in a dark hooded cloak, that had the hood up. The hood concealed all of the person's face but the mouth.

"Relax, High Priestess."

The voice was feminine, but it was like no voice the old woman had heard. It was heavenly sounding, and the old woman wondered who this person could possibly be?

"Who are you?"

The figure turned fully, reaching up to lower the hood. The old woman gasped at the sight. It was a beautiful young woman with eyes gray like the clouds, and hair a pale blue like the sky. Could it be?

"I was waiting for you, High Priestess. We must speak of important matters. Please, do put away your sword. There is no need for a weapon."

The High Priestess nodded and immediately did as she was told. She bent low, feeble old hands forming into some kind of hand motion.

"My sincerest apologies, Beautiful Goddess of the Wind."

To actually come into contact with one of the four ruling deities was considered the highest honor for it was such a rare event.

"You are forgiven, for you did not know. Now, High Priestess, listen well to my words. Something big is about to happen in the land of Elementrai, something that could turn things terrible. The beautiful land of Elementrai could be thrown into darkness unless this danger is stopped. I need you, High Priestess, to search for the Chosen One. If you can find the Chosen One, you must tell them to seek out the four guardians that my brothers, sister, and I gave the job to protect the lands. He or She, must stop this danger."

"How will I know the Chosen One?"

"Simple, merely look for the one with the symbol on the left hand. Now, I must depart. I wish you good luck, High Priestess."

And before the old woman could protest, the Goddess was gone.

"I'm getting too old for this... I must tell the others and begin the search at once!" The old woman turned and left the temple, heading for the place where they dwelled.

Author's Notes: I hope you all liked it. This is only the beginning, and I'll try and upload more of the story, but it might be awhile until I do. Still having trouble trying to get myself to figure out how I'm going to write this. I have this all in my head, planned out, but it's hard getting out into writing with me still liking it.