Elemental Kingdom

The Chosen One

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It stung, but he would be fine. The wounds weren't too bad, so he'd survive. He braced himself, looking away as the person before him gripped the sword.

"Just so you know, this is going to hurt. A lot." The person said cautiously, voice clearly feminine. Her sapphire eyes met with his ruby red ones. She liked to think of them as more of a blood color, than a ruby. Though, in a sense, it was the same thing.

"No shit. I'll be fine. I've had worse injuries." He smirked confidently. He was always confident, she had learned that. He was a mystery. One moment he would be playing around with you, and the moment he'd be dead serious. The serious side of him scared her. He frightened her when he was like that.

"Well, I just wanted to warn you. Didn't want you to chew me out." He scoffed at her words. She sighed and swiftly, yet carefully pulled the sword out. He didn't scream or whimper, he merely grunted in pain. She then turned, lying the bloody weapon on a table near by.

"So, she stabbed you with your own sword?" She questioned, grabbing a bowl of water and a rag. When she felt a hand on her shoulder she turned to look at him.

"Don't bother with that. You know perfectly well you can heal me with your magic. So, do so. It's not that deep. I'm sure our master would want you to use that magic on me. After all, I have to be ready to go after her any time." He paused, then continued. "Yeah, she stabbed me with own bloody sword."

She placed the bowl and rag down, turning to approach him. Placing a hand lightly on his unmarred skin, she concentrated on healing both wounds. The arrow had already been removed.

"How did that happen?" She asked, not looking up. He looked down at her, rolling his eyes.

"I let my guard down and two priestesses snuck up on me. I don't know why in the bloody hell two wind temple priestesses would be out around there. Especially since the one who shot me with her bow was the high priestess."

"The High Priestess of the Wind temple interfered? That must mean they were searching for the Chosen One." She finished healing his wound and stepped back. "So, how did the girl get you?"

"Well, when the two snuck up on me, the High Priestess shot me with an arrow. I was just about to kill the pretty little thing when I was hit. When I turned to see who had attacked me, I saw it was them. I guess she overcame her fear and opened her eyes. It was the perfect moment to attack me. She grabbed my sword and stood up to attack. Luckily, I heard her move and turned to defend myself when she stabbed me. I was lucky it only hit my shoulder." He explained.

"So that was why you turned tail and fled. It was a smart thing to do, though, I'm not sure if our master will be too pleased. I'm sure He already knows what happened, though." She smiled grimly at him and he smiled grimly back.

"I know."

Elina groaned, eyes fluttering open. She blinked slowly, seeing someone above her. Marlina's face finally un blurred.

"Hey there. You okay?" Marlina smiled, a relieved look on her face.

"Yeah... I'm okay." Elina had honestly hoped it was all a dream, but looking down at her dirty clothes and then looking at Mara and Marlina, she realized it was true. She was ashamed of herself for fainting. Oh well.

"So... you said I was the Chosen One?"


"And I have to save the world from some danger?"


"And I have to seek out the four Great Guardians and learn their ancient ways of magic and stuff?"


"Ugh... You've got to be kidding me." Elina groaned, sitting up. "I mean, I don't know anything. This has got to be a mistake." And with that, she pushed herself up and past Marlina and fled from her own house.

Marlina sighed, shaking her head. "I had a feeling she'd do something like that..."

"You can't blame her, Marlina. You would have done the same thing," Mara placed a comforting hand on her older sister's shoulder. Marlina smiled at her younger sister.

"You're right."

Elina ran far from her house, seeking shelter in the forest near by. She continued to run, blindly running towards a clearing she knew wasn't far from the entrance. Once there, she collapsed against a tree, chest rising and falling rapidly. She tried to catch her breath, resting her head against the tree.

"I must console her." The first spoke, a frown pulling at Her lips. Ariyu remained silent, and instead the third spoke.

"Kaia, showing yourself might frighten the girl." Ariyu and Kaia both shook Their heads.

"Pyralis, you forget how our sister, Kaia is. No one is frightened of Kaia. She's Mother Nature Herself." Ariyu said, glancing at Her older sister.

Kaia smiled fondly at that. Pyralis frowned. "Still, I don't think it's wise to show ourselves yet. Perhaps let her calm down some?"

Kaia and Ariyu both smiled fondly at Their brother. "We shall wait," They chorused.

Elina's eyes closed, her head still resting against the comforting trunk of the large tree. She had been coming here ever since she had been on her home and found her home. When she'd feel alone or overwhelmed, she'd come here.

The forest tended to be comforting, especially this tree. It was like a parent she never had. It didn't talk, but it somehow made her feel safe. She'd always confess her troubles to it to get it off of her chest. True, the tree didn't offer any words of comfort, its mere presence made up for that. It was kind of silly, running to a tree and telling it her problems. It may be alive, but it wasn't a person.

She sighed, opening her eyes a little bit. She felt so alone. It didn't help that the weird man had brought up her mother. It reminded her of how lonely she really was. Fate was just so confusing.

She had been an outcast, forced to live alone for most of her life. And now, she found out she was some Chosen One? It had to be a lie. Why would anyone need her? If she was blessed by the Gods, why had they forsaken her?

"I don't understand you... Take my parents, force me to live in foster homes, force me to be shunned and an outcast, and now you want me to be your Chosen One? Why would I want to help you? You never helped me. Not once. I've been alone all of my life, thanks to you. What do you owe me that calls for a favor in return? Nothing. I never heard of such a legend, telling about a great danger and a Chosen One. Never heard of any temples. Never heard of any of it! It's all lies!"

"We must do something, my brother and sisters." Pyralis frowned, glancing to His brother and two sisters.

"You're right, Pyralis. Kaia, I think it's time for you to do your little thing." Ariyu smiled, looking to Her sister. Kaia nodded.

"I understand. I will go." And with that, She vanished from their sights.

Elina wanted to cry, in fact, she sure felt like crying. However, she was too old and tough to cry. She wasn't a weak kid anymore. After all, she had survived a life or death situation? No, she had only survived it because of those two priestesses. If it weren't for them... she'd have been dead. For sure.

She closed her eyes, pressing her cheek against the smooth trunk of the large tree. She sighed, whispering aloud,"Why did this happen to me?"

"You are the Chosen One, my dear," Said a soothing, heavenly voice. Elina's eyes opened, but absently, she thought the voice sounded almost motherly. She looked at the speaker.

There was a woman kneeling in front of her. She was beautiful, like a goddess. She was wearing robes, though Elina wasn't sure what kind of robes. They just seemed like beautiful, yet simple green robes. The woman's eyes were a gentle brown, like the earth, in a way. And her hair was long, a dark tree leaf green, a little lighter than her own.

"Who are you?" Elina couldn't find herself to be angry with this person, and it confused her. Normally, she would have been all bitter and cold, but it was impossible to be like that with this woman.

"Do you truly wish to know who I am?" The woman asked, smiling kindly at her. Elina nodded. "I am Kaia, Goddess of the Earth. I am also known as Mother Nature, you could say."

Elina felt alarmed, and stared at this woman. Kaia? Goddess of the Earth? Why in bloody hell would a Goddess visit her?

"She's still doubtful," Pyralis observed, glancing to Ariyu and His brother. Ariyu smiled at Her brother.

"Don't worry, my brother. Kaia's already getting to her. Can't you see?" The fourth sighed, causing Pyralis and Ariyu to look at Him. However, He said nothing.

"What troubles you, Maris?" Pyralis asked, raising an eyebrow at His younger brother.

"Nothing. I'm just bored," Maris said smoothly, no emotion showing on His face. Pyralis laughed softly, shaking His head before looking back to watch the scene with His younger sister, Ariyu.

"You expect me to believe you? Prove you are indeed the Earth Goddess, as you say you are." Elina straightened up, staring at Her.

"How would you wish me to prove to you? Make a sapling sprout? Make it rain? Do tell me, dear child, so I may prove to you that I am indeed who I claim to be," Kaia smiled, not at all bothered by the fact that Elina didn't believe Her. It was to expected, since Elina wasn't that trusting.

Elina blinked, leaning against the tree. This woman... was indeed the Earth Goddess. Kaia didn't need to prove it. She knew, deep down inside, somehow, that Kaia was telling the truth.

"...Never mind. You don't need to prove it, I believe you." Kaia smiled gently at Elina.

"I figured you would realize on your own. Now, listen closely, Chosen One. I'm sure you have heard of the legend concerning the Great Danger and the Chosen One?" Kaia questioned.

Elina nodded. "Yeah, Marlina told me. So... What do I need to do?"

"You already know, child. You must seek out the four Great Guardians. Let them teach you what they know. Then, all will become clear and you will be able to destroy the Great Danger."

"But... what if I... fail?"

"You won't fail. You've got my blessings. Along with the blessings of my brothers and sister. Before I go, I must tell you this. You will also need to seek out another person. Someone who can help train you with weaponry. The Chosen One before you already knew how to wield a sword and other weapons. You do not, so you must be taught. You cannot simply win with figuring things yourself. Now, I must be going. Be strong, and know that I am with you. You have my blessings and my siblings' blessings. I bid you farewell."

Before Elina could protest or question Her, She was gone. Elina sighed, pressing her cheek against the smooth trunk of the tree.

Great... just great.

"She will join us." Kaia announced with a smile on Her lips once She had returned to Her siblings.

"See, I told you, Pyralis." Ariyu grinned, teasing Her older brother as She poked Him. He grumbled.

"Yeah, yeah." Ariyu burst out laughing.

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