My heart beats in my chest,

the world stops, watches

as small drops of blood splatter upon

the floor of my soul.

I kneel upon the ground,

Dark tears washing my face.

My eyes trace the splashes of blood

Upon the black, transparent veil before me.

I hardly notice the blood upon my hands,

Torn and stinging from tearing at the veil.

I can see you, faint and glowing white,

Reaching out to me from the other side,

The side I can never reach from where I am,

Where I tear and scream and cry until my voice fails me

And all I can do is beckon feebly at your form.

Can you even see me?

Are you even there on the other side?

Or am I crying and tearing at the veil in vain?

I am tired.


Exhausted, from trying to reach you.

Whenever it seems like I am getting somewhere,

You get further away,

The glow fades,

And I can no longer see you.

I am alone in my world of pain.

Do you see the veil?

Do you see the blood I spill to reach you?

The tears that fall within my soul?

I can see you,

But I can't touch you.

So alone.