amazing what one line can do. took one line, one idea, from Holly Black's Valiant and just kept going. It's ok if you don't understand this. i don't understand it myself. admittedly the second line is largely from ASW ( www. a softer world . com) but the rest is as original as i now how to make it. Everything is a one sentence one shot and somehow they go together. there's a story here waiting to be written. but i don't know how to write it.

And she quietly wondered to herself what fairies do when they don't know what the truth is.

He knew within his heart that love wasn't about being hurt or being happy, it was about being vulnerable and opening your heart to a mirror.

They spent the entire night trying, trying to wander into a world where the ground was hit by her.

He lived in a world where the rain was blue and snow fell up from the ground to the sky and no one ever questioned it until he landed upside down in a world without color.

She buried her nails in his flesh and knew that the life she was living would kill her before she could have a chance to die.

The wolves ran with men and the rivers ran with blood and the earth was quenched as rain had never done.

The power was vast and strong and contained in a jar that was bigger the further in you went and never got smaller, no matter how you changed your view.

Eyes burned with fiery tears and eyelashes sizzled when they ran down her cheeks.

Her hair was her beauty and her curse and when they offered to cut it she took the shears and slit her wrists because she couldn't live like that.

His bones were broken and splintered as not even a soul can be and he walked with a slight limp but no one noticed because he was the last invisible man left in the world.

She kept silent out of spite, wanting only to turn the tables until he found himself facing her.

The horses rode deep in the icy valley where those who toil for gold and jewels would never dare to go.

The end of the world is near and they go sailing over the edge only to find they are coming home from a very long voyage, the details of which no one remembers except for golden waters that thundered across a long and empty plain.

They don't remember whether he kissed her or she kissed him, they only know that they both carry scars from the meeting.

His fingers swell and blacken and all expect that he will lose them, but he wakes up one morning and crushes a stone to ash.

She is fleet of foot and slides along lightening when she runs and no one can tell that she isn't beautiful because she never slows down enough for them to see.

He knows his only companions are the wee folk so he has no fear when he lies down to die with solemn whispers in his ears.

They want to ride the sky together, like a pair of hawks, but neither would ever let go of the other's jesses and so they remain forever grounded.

She clings to him violently as he kisses her gently and their hair falls to the frozen ground and with it hides their hope.

She presses words to the window and waves goodbye as the sun blazes and the world turns and she forgets the scent of lavender.

His jaw drops as the dragon takes him into the cave and tells him 'this all belongs to you, my son'.

The storm tosses the ship and crews beseech the gods to take their bodies from the gulls to white sanded beaches and soft yellow skies.

The fish is flying and never wonders why the animals up there have feathers instead of fins.

The father hits his son and it is years before either of them realizes that neither of them was hurt.

The sister lays her hand on her brother's forehead and keens to the heavens as they open with grief for his life, still living.

The crows pick the bones of the story he told until only the bloody details are left in the gutter.

All is well in kingdom come and the lamb kills the lion and no one cares at all.