OK, this was just banging around in my head after I watched MIB, though this IS NOT a rip off, though Eric does work for an agency that deals with aliens. There are no black suits, there is no "flashy thing" etc. Eric runs a apartment complex that the aliens live in, all kinds. When things get interesting when a Vortak, an angelic race, contacts him in need of his help. M/M eventually cuz thats all I write.

Eric Donnavon switched the paper bag of groceries to his other arm as he crossed the street, looking both ways as he did so. He walked past the older apartment building that stood next to his, and he saw an older woman standing in her bathrobe looking around, her hair up in curlers and her feet in pink slippers.

"Hello Mrs. Andrews, are you looking for something?" he called and the older woman turned looking delighted to see him.

"Oh Eric, I'm glad you are here," she said running to the fence to grab the hand that was not holding the bag of groceries. "Have you seen Pookie?" she asked, her eyes wide and pleading.

"You're dog?" Eric asked and the older woman bristled.

"Not just a dog, Eric," she said, "but a prize winning poodle." Eric tried to hide a smile while his brain was going over the information.

"When did you last see him?" he asked and Mrs. Andrews covered her mouth with her other hand, thinking.

"Earlier this morning," she said. "And the odd thing is, the Conways, you know that cute little family on the third floor? Well their cat is missing too." The bells in Eric's head started ringing in alarm.

"Well Mrs. Andrews, I'll keep an eye out for them and let you know," Eric said pulling his hand away from hers gently.

"Oh thank you Eric," she cried and clasped her hands together. "You come over on Sunday, won't you?" she called and Eric turned to smile at her.

"Of course, I woulnd't miss it," he called and waved before walking into his apartment building. Dropping the groceries on the table just inside the door he took the stairs two at a time until he reached the second floor. Turning and glaring up at the light that was buzzing, knowing that he would have to fix it for the fifth time this month, made his way to 2F. Leaning against the doorjamb he checked the gun in his holster and knocked on the door and received no answer but heard a dog barking.

"George!" he called, knocking harder. "George open up!" There was a shuffling behind the door but still the door didn't open. "George! Open, right now or I'll break the door down and you know how much I don't want to do that!" A moment later, the door opened barely an inch and he could see an eye.

"What?" a voice asked that sounded bubbly like it was under water.

"Where are the dog and cat George?" Eric asked and the eye narrowed.

"I don't know what you are talking about," the voice denied and disapeared for a moment to shout at the dog that was still barking. "Shut up, you mongrel," he yelled.

"George, you know that you are not allowed to have live animals," Eric admonished and the other sighed.

"But its better when they are alive," the voice said, dropping an octive, sounding like he was whining but the gurgling in his voice got more intense and it was harder to understand him.

"George..." Eric said, his voice also dropping.

"Fine," George said and the door closed and Eric heard George moving away from the door and he quickly opened it to see the dog and cat that were missing in cages against the opposite wall. Eric made his way across the room and picked up the cages and turned to look at the shadow on the wall. The shadow looked like an extremely fat man, all lumpy and it looked like there was spikes coming out of his head. Eric had seen the real "George" once and it had scared him. George was a creature with three mouths which had rows and rows of teeth, six tentacles and seven eyes and was a force to be reckoned with when he got mad.

"George you know the rules," Eric said making his way towards the door.

"I know," George said sighing. "But you know that cats and dog's are a delicacy on my planet," he said moving towards Eric and Eric tensed and George laughed, a high-pitched squealing noise that made Eric flinch. "I'm not stupid enough to attack you Agent Donnavon, but know that I cannot keep eating that... garbage," he said and Eric nodded.

"Fine, I'll see if we can get some dead ones for you," Eric said and opened the door and he heard George snort.

"I guess that will do," he said and Eric heard him grumbling as he closed the door behind him. Taking a deep breath, Eric trudged down the stairs and to the door. Once he reached it he opened the cages and let them out into the front yard and watched them run away. Sighing, Eric turned around and picked up his groceries, walked to his mailbox, pulled out his mail and headed back up the stairs to the fourth floor and to his own apartment, asking himself why he had agreed to play superintendent to a apartment complex full of aliens.