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Eric watched as Director Phillips finished his phone call, Dan standing behind him. Eric was trying not to smirk at his former partner and the confused look on Michael's face.

"Fine, thank you," the director said and hung up the phone. There was a long moment before he sighed and looked up and glared at the two men standing in front of the desk.

"Wipe that smirk off your face Donovan," he snarled angrily but it only caused Eric's smirk to grow wider. "You got extremely lucky this time, I don't know how you keep pulling this out of your ass, but if this keeps happening, I'll assign you to garbage detail." That wiped the smirk off his face and it was the director's turn to smile.

"What happened?" Michael asked, still not clear about what was going on.

"What happened," the director snapped, "was that the Sohphar are so rare and such an honor to mate with one in most alien cultures that Donovan is now seen as somewhat of a celebrity for bringing them together."

"Which means?" Eric asked, his smirk returning and the director stopped short of growling.

"Which means," he said between clenched teeth, "that you are protected under their laws." At this Eric's smirk turned into a grin, seeing this, Director Phillips smiled evilly at the other man. "Don't think that means anything down here, it just means that you will be doing double duty if a representative for Ta'li'car comes to our planet." That caused the smile to disappear from Eric's face and causing the director's to grow. "Now that that is out of the way, have a nice day," the director said, standing and leaving, casting one last glare at Eric before leaving.

"Fucking bastard," Eric muttered angrily as he watched Phillips leave the office.

"Fucking bastard he may be," Dan said, sitting down in his seat, "but he is your boss and you have to do what he says."

"It's never good when you say something like that," Eric said, eyeing his boss wearily and the other man grinned.

"You know me too well Donovan," he said and picked up some papers and handed them over. Eric looked them over, his eyes growing wider as he went until he reached the end.

"Fuck that!" he cried, throwing them down on the desk and Dan glared, leaning forward on his elbows.

"What?" Michael asked, looking between the two.

"That 'fucking bastard' extended his assignment for another five years," Dan said, not taking his eyes from Eric.

"Absolutely not," Eric snapped, starting to pace.

"You have no choice if you want to keep your job," Dan snapped and Eric stopped pacing.

"Fine," Eric said, throwing his hands up, "I quit." Dan stared at him for several long moments before shaking his head.

"Do you really want to do that?" he asked his voice dead serious. "You know what happens when one quits." Dan did, he had been involved in taking 'care' of someone who quit or needed to be 'fired'. A painful process included taking the memories of the things they had seen and it more times than not ended up that the person ended up loosing his mind.

"Maybe that would be better," Eric said, sitting and running a hand over his face. Dan stared at him for another long moment before sighing.

"Too bad, I won't let that happen," he said, glaring at, what he still considered his best agent. "You need to earn back your place in this agency, you're my best agent and I won't lose you." Eric stared at his boss for a long moment, he really did not understand why the other man believed in him when he had screwed up so badly, but he did.

"Thank you sir," Eric said.

"Yeah, whatever just get out of here and get back to the apartment complex, you know that we can't leave them alone for too long." Nodding, Eric stood, nodded to his boss and walked out, with Michael on his heels, the other man silent until they reached the car and climbed in. This drive was a lot slower paced than their first drive together and Michael watched his partner closely.

"Why does the director hate you so much?" he asked finally, startling Eric. That was not the question he was expecting, though he was expecting one.

"Where do I start?" he asked, chuckling a bit.

"What about the beginning?"

"When I was first hired by the agency, I was partnered with Phillips, who was well on his way up the ladder, waiting on the last promotion to make him closer to director. He only became the director about two years ago, three years after I started, one year after we stopped being partners."

"So what happened?" Michael asked again.

"Well, I think he didn't like how I took to the job, I seemed to pick up the languages more quickly than others, and I got along with more and was generally liked more than Phillips."

"I can see a man like Phillips not liking that," Michael said and Eric snorted.

"He hated me for it, for the year he was my partner, he became unbearable, and he berated and belittled me, treating me worse as the time went on."

"What happened?"

"I got promoted, the first one of my age and being so quick to earning it. When the first director retired, Phillips was not named as the new director right away. There were two years between that time and when he was promoted, and his attitude became more and more horrible. In the year after the old director retired, I was promoted twice more which just angered the Phillips greatly. Then two days before they split us up as partners, he got his promotion, we were doing a transport between the office and a transport to the alien's planet when he started in on me. We were meant to protect the Florican, he was wanted on his planet for something or other and had taken sanctuary here and we were going to send him to another safe 'house' when we started fighting. We did not see the ambush until we were on top of them and they opened fire. Long story short, the Florican was killed and we were sent up on an investigation, Phillips had been hurt pretty badly and was holed up in the hospital while I tried to answer all of the questions."

"But he was promoted two days later?" Michael asked, feeling confused.

"Yeah, they decided it was mostly my fault, I had been driving and should have been looking out for traps and demoted me a rank. When Phillips got into office a year later, he was playing mock-director until then, he made it worse, stripped me of all of my ranks and stuck me in that apartment complex." They had stopped outside of the building not too long ago and Eric sighed and turned off the car.

"That sucks," Michael said and Eric laughed.

"You're telling me. Now I have to deal with that man as my boss and play a yes man and kiss his ass until I get out of this mess." They were quiet as they waited for the elevator.

"So what started this hate, it couldn't have been just you being promoted, which would mean he is just a shallow bastard." Eric chuckled at that and shook his head.

"Actually," he said as they stepped onto the elevator, "I think it started when I turned him down when he propositioned me on the first day we were partners." Michael stared at him in shock as the doors closed and the elevator started to move.