I am most beautiful in the morning

With the sunshine gleaming, streaming, filtering through the blinds

In an ethereal glow.

It is now, in the morning,

With my tussled hair splaying, fraying, playing over your skin

In a beautiful show.

It is here, and now, that I relish the most

With half-lidded eyes like a radiant forest in the after hours of dawn.

My hand twirls in the air, teasing the current motion

Of dust mites

And its opposite twin finds your torso,

Curling gently about it.

This morning – so quiet, so natural with birds and bugs -

Of tea and toast and cinnamon warmth…

Is my tranquil, happy time.

From that door I will leave to a different world of

Cool confidence, as a barrier against the …

But for now, in this morning,

When my hipbones provide a leisurely curve in my abdomen's best shape,

Where the sunshine streaming, gleaming, filtering through the blinds

Softly sets a glow to my skin,

I am most beautiful.