Warning contains suggestive material between a minor and an adult. It is important to the plot to read. So thanx for reading and um...R & R. see ya!

The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.


Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter Two

Alkam had been with Leti the last few days he had been here, following the taller man around like a kicked pup. Or so Gado, a shifty looking man, with a thick mustache and baldhead, told him. He had skin so dark it looked like the soil Alkam grew his garden in back home. A rope of chains hugged his throat and black glaring eyes. His bare chest was showing off his taunt muscles and a variety of tattoos. A pair of tight breeches rolled up to his knees gave a tempting view of his thighs. Alkam blushed when he caught starring.

"Hey Leti when're ya gonna ditched 'he twerp and remember who ya real friends're." Gado spit. The leer that accompanied the comment annoyed Alkam.

"Gado no worries, my friend. He should be leaving soon, anyway. Besides what could I do with the likes of him." a hearty chuckled followed closely behind.

A sting came to Alkam's eyes nobody ever wanted him around except for Duvan. He coughed and batted the tears from his eyes.

"Alkam, what did I tell you about others." Duvan screamed at him in that monotone voice.

"That no one would like me." A flood of tears poured down the eight-year-old boy's cheeks. Before he stutters a quiet, "its cause I'm weak."

"Look at you boy! Crying again! Get out I can't stand the sight of you! It sickens me you sicken me. Don't come back till you've prepared yourself. No oil, if you want to cry than you'll be punished."

"…lkam, Alkam. What's wrong?" Leti question, he was vaguely concerned for the boy. He was always lost in his own musing, cried, and got a melancholy look in his eyes when he thought no one was looking. However, admittedly not many people noticed except for him and Meki.

The mumbled reply of nothing didn't deceive him any. The look he gave he boy must seemed to convey that he wasn't buying the excuse for he went on.

"…if I'm such a bother. I mean I could do something else or something." He whispered, starring intently at his fancy leather boots that went to the tops of his knees. Leti used his large hand to grip Alkam's chin in a strong calloused grip that was strangely gentle on his skin guiding his attention to those moss green eyes. Those warm orbs with amusement evident in those eyes and a teasing quirk of his lips told Alkam he was acting foolish before the moist, petal soft looking lips even moved.

"Really. Where will you go, Al?" Leti breathed across Alkam's face.

"I…I could um…I could go home." Alkam stuttered.

Laughter that followed those words brought a color of embarrassment to Alkam's normally pale freckled spotted cheeks. He was mentally kicking himself again for such foolish notions. It didn't stop Leti from laughing at him. He doubled over with tears in his eyes.

"Al you're a hoot. Or have you really forgotten you're a hostage. Hmm?" he grinned. "Glad I met ya, never laughed so much till I met you."

While there was, amusement on his face the serious expression in his eyes sobered Alkam up quickly. Moreover, the close proximity never left Alkam's thoughts even when Leti was laughing at him. Neither did Gado's glaring if anything it just got worse. Alkam could feel the man's hate for him blistering towards him in waves. For fear of drowning in those waves, Alkam stumbled back before coming in contact with the railings. Letting his hands grip them behind his back as he turn to stare at Gado. Their locked eyes didn't move until when Leti called a simple.

"Gado." He sighed. "Leave the poor boy alone. He'll not harm you."

That's all it took. A smug grin given to Alkam before Gado walked to Leti. Moreover, he wrapped his arms around his waist, and buried his face in Leti's chest. Alkam coughed once before sighing. He didn't understand why he liked Leti so much. It felt like a constant battle inside him between Leti and Duvan. Moreover, the fact that it hurt so much that Leti didn't like him confused him. He had Duvan. He would want him, forever. Moreover, he'd want Duvan, too. It was just as it should be.