The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.


Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter 8

Alkam let a small giggle escape his lips as he saw the view in front of him. Gado was finally getting what he deserved. Leti was no longer belonging to the dark skinned man. Leti was his. Alkam touched his small hand to Leti's broad shoulder making the older of the two pauses and look at him. Those large red eyes held his for a single breathless moment that felt like an eternity before Alkam turned away and walking towards the only place where Lizum would go for extended amounts of time.

Leti and Gado stood looking at the boy go before letting their eyes meet. Gado pulled away from Leti very much disappointed in him. He glared at his lover, at the lips he couldn't touch because of that little brats selfishness. Gado didn't understand why Leti was so enthralled with the boy. He was tiny and had the eyes of a lizard. Gado left Leti standing there while he went to talk to Meki about the boy. He would get rid of him yet. Than with him gone, Leti would be his again.

Leti only stood in quiet contemplation as Gado pulled away from him and left for his Captain's cabin.

Airk stood at the dock's waiting for the men holding his brother hostage. He was wearing a silk tunic made of a rich burgundy just like his favorite wine. A pair of tight velvet black trousers clung to his waist and legs. The air was chill on his fair skin, goose pimples turning a nice shade of pink. He looked over his men 12 of his most loyal soldiers some standing rod still while others shifted their weight anxiously each holding a dull blue sack as big as a dwarf, filled with gold coins. Each of the soldiers were wearing one of two traditional uniforms of the royal guard a gold and green tunic and blue trousers with a green sash the other of the two was gold and green tunic with green trousers over which a gold sash hung around the waist signifying a woman. One of the soldiers came towards him a woman. Kitya her lovely sharp features nearly hidden in the shadow of the night. She had bouncing dark brown curls stopping just above her shoulders. Her skin tanned and her eyes a nice bronze that were held in an almond shape. She had supple red brown lips and a sturdy curvaceous body. Her nose was thick of someone that was from the center of the islands. She had a large green jewel in her left ear. Moreover, in her right a pink jewel with gold spirals lying over top dangled. She had a thin band around her head keeping the thick locks of brown from her vision. She had bangles around her wrist each holding about a dozen small bells.

He firmly kissed her lips when she was close enough slipping his tongue between the slightly parted mouth, an arm snagged around her waist holding her tightly against him letting the curves of her body mold against his and the heat from her skin tingle upon his. He let his hand dip into the waist of her pants caressing her hip.

"How long do we have to wait for them?" she asked him. She wrapped her compact muscled arms around his stomach.

"Till they come."

In the dark of the night, Meki gathered his crew on deck in a cotton tunic and trousers made of a dark brown. He called Leti to his side before addressing them about the arrangements of that night. He commanded 15 men to come ashore with him including Gado, and Lizum for the boy. He commanded the other members to remain aboard the vessel and look out but to be prepared to make sail upon his arrival.

"Leti stay 'ere be sure we ain't followed on our way back ta t'e s'ip." And with that Meki turned ordering the members leaving with him to prepare to get ashore.

Leti eyes landed on Gado's. He looked over the dark skinned human realizing how much the two of them had grown apart because of the young man. He thought about it a moment more before searching out the pixie. He found him chatting away excitedly with Lizum. His small hands gesturing wildly while his grin dance in the moonlight. While he jumped up and down on the deck his high golden tail, (ponytail) whipping around his form as the wind danced. Leti could feel Gado's eyes on him but it wasn't long before he lost himself in the presence of Alkam.

Gado continued to stare at his lover long after he turned towards the brat.

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