Meeting the Forever Doomed…

He pushed me forward, and if we were any other circumstance, I would've shoved him back.

But this wasn't any other circumstance.

I could feel the tears filling my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.

"We'll always be with you, no matter where you are, or what you're up to, or how hard you try to shake us off." They were his last words to me, completely true, and I would hold them dear.

My throat had closed itself up, and with much difficulty, I was able to nod.

Would I ever see them again? Would I be able to see them before they died?

Thoughts swirled throughout my mind, blurring my vision.

He shoved me again, and this time I blindly set off.

The girl was literally bouncing in front of me. I wondered if she required her meds, or just really needed to use the bathroom.

Either way, I was a bit uncomfortable.

Just a bit.

"Oh. My. God. You're… new, right?" her eyes widened slightly.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and ask the girl I she'd ever saw me before today.

Instead, I answered. "It seems so."

It was a completely lame reply, consisted of three whole words, but the girl just continued bouncing, as if on an invisible pogo stick, and stuck out her hand. "I'm Laura."

The name seemed to suit her quite well. Laura seemed to be about sixteen, a sophomore in the high school I was forced to attend at that very minute. But according to my student ID, I too was sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen.

Damn Ashley's weird sense of humor. Why couldn't have Leo filled in my personal information?

The younger girl had bright red hair that reached below her shoulders and blue eyes just a shade or two lighter than Ash's.

I'd just come out of third-period biology, entirely unsuspecting of this girl actually talking to me.

Her smile was welcoming, and something told me she was just naturally friendly and wouldn't leave me alone any time soon.

Damn. Again.

I mentally kicked myself. It wasn't this girl's fault that I just wished to be left alone. I supposed that I couldn't just tell her to buzz off.

It would seem rude to ignore her, so I softly answered while shaking her hand. "Kelsey." She was about the same height as me, and I looked her in the eye. "DeCuire. Kelsey DeCuire."

According to my 'birth certificate,' my name really was Kelsey Rose DeCuire. But it was odd and foreign to me.

I questioned for a moment who exactly had chosen the name for me. It was probably Cassie, of course. That would explain the flamboyance and prettiness of it all.

Laura continued smiling at me, and I wondered if possibly her face was permanently frozen like that.

"So, what class do you have next?" she had stopped bouncing, but her hand was outstretched, clearly open for my schedule.

Wordlessly, I handed her the sheet of paper given to me that morning.

Reading it, her grin never wavered once.

It was frightening.

But I suppose I just couldn't understand humans properly.

"Oh. My. God. We have fourth-period lunch together! Come on, you can sit with me, and meet my friends."

Definitely frightening.

If she introduced me to a table full of loud and overall friendly people like her, I would probably jump out the nearest window. Unfortunately, it was very likely.

Dragging me into the lunchroom, she brought me to a line, and motioned for me to take a tray and food. She pointed out what was fairly edible, what was actually legal, and what would probably cause my death in fifteen minutes.

At this point, I wanted the latter.

Okay, so I don't like friendly people. But to clear it up, I don't like people. At all.

Friendly people just frightened me. They were nosy, and they wouldn't give up until I told them every little detail of my existence.

Regrettably, if I did that, I would just have to kill everyone within hearing distance.

Not fun.

Quickly enough, she brought me to a table. And surprisingly enough, it wasn't filled with grinning cheerleaders or half a dozen girls staring into compact mirrors. Instead, there were two boys.

Now I was reasonably startled.

The boys- surprisingly- looked identical. Scratch that. They were identical.

Physically only, of course. They both had beach-blond hair, and cobalt eyes. Same face structure, and similar body structure.

But the physiological difference was alarmingly obvious.

The boy grinning at me, just as Laura was doing, was sitting straight, a sign that he was sure of himself and knew who he was at the moment. Something that not many teenagers did. His clothes were clean, brightly dyed, and his hair was gelled heavily. The boy clearly had a sunshine-y, happy-go-lucky outlook on life.


The other, though, was the complete opposite.

It was laughable. An imaginary Ashley chuckled with me.

He was staring at me, but his eyelids covered most of his sapphire-colored eyes. His hair was messy, as if he just didn't bother. This boy also seemed to prefer darker colors than his brother. All-in-all, this teenager was typical. He screamed 'kill the world!'

But then again, so was I.

Identical twins, but polar opposites.

You see, that's how much of a freak I was- and am- being able to tell all that in just one glance.

Laura turned to me, and chirped, "These are my two best friends- William, and Richard Hall. Or as they usually are, Will and Rich." She motioned to each one.

The sunshine twin's name was Rich. So then the Satan-worshipper was Will.


I knew I wasn't supposed to be pre-judging, but I couldn't help it. I did it to everyone that had the misfortune to meet me.

I watched the two observe me. They were taking in my long white-blonde hair and my blue-gray eyes, hidden behind frameless glasses.

Most assumed I was just nearsighted. I, however, knew better.

They took in my clothes, which were plain, but obviously exotic and expensive. The two stared at my left ear, which had exactly five piercings, complete with tiny altering silver hoops and studs.

I sat down, across from the sunshine.

He stared at my hands, too graceful for any human's, but adorned with several carved silver rings.

Richard then squealed, (scary…) and turned to Laura. "Where did you find her?!"

Wow. Instead of half a dozen vain cheerleaders, that I would probably murder, I get one very loud homosexual male.


But honestly, was I some sort of horse?

"She's new, you idiot."

"Yes, it's a bit obvious." William spoke up.

And for a moment there, I had presumed he was mute.

"I don't mean it like that," he paused. "I mean- look at her, add a silver tiara, and she's an Elvin princess!"

While Laura and William turned to me to test out this new theory, I raised an eyebrow.

I was nearly five feet, six inches. How the hell did I look like an elf?

Don't answer that.

But the irony scared me.

I found it odd that no one had said my name. As this thought crossed my mind, I said, "Kelsey Rose DeCuire. Pleased to meet you all, no matter how odd you may seem."

I hadn't meant to say the last part, but my mouth sometimes betrayed my brain.

William's lips twitched, and Richard made a sort of triumphant noise. "See? She has a princess name! Hell, she even talks royally!"

They'd noticed my accent. I cursed myself. I should've learned how to shut up properly.

"Cool accent. Where are you from, anyway?" I could see Laura's eyes, wide with hope for the answer.

Instead of stating a country, or another place, like any sane person would, I just said, "Far away."

The girl nodded, but I could easily see her disappointment.

Richard once again chirped, for no reason I could see, "Ro-oy all- tee!" before I could stop myself, I opened my mouth. "I can also be a royal pain in the ass."

Laura and William both laughed softly as I mentally killed myself. My accent was more pronounced.

But Richard gasped melodramatically. "Such language! That's no vocabulary for a princess, young lady!"

I could imagine Leo, Ashley, and Cassie all laughing and agreeing.

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