Best Friend

You used to be my everything
There was a time you meant the world
I miss those days, the smiles shared
You were the person to rely on
The one who would always be there
I held the hope it would last forever
I believed that you would never leave
Now I know that you are gone
I reflect that it is nothing new
Only now can I see for just how long
You haven't been the you I valued
Who knew how fast we'd change
Now that the time is past
I grasp the lesson that friendships never last
I'm always left alone to watch you leave
As I feebly cling to the memories
Holding tight to broken promises
Of forevers come to pass
Standing here with something missing
I tell my self it can't be true
As something inside me cries
A darkness comes to pull me beneath
Didn't you promise to never hurt me
In the shadows of the earth I look around
Happiness is an illusion
Thank you for helping me see