Remember back when things were happy
When life was all sunbeams and ice cream cones
When you tried to catch the tooth fairy
Or listened from bed to hear Santa Claus
When Frosty was dressed in clothes from the closet
And the Easter bunny hid all your eggs

Remember back when things were special
When every birthday brought something new
When you played make believe with friends
Or believed that anything was possible
When you thought the happiness would last forever
And your friends would never leave

Remember back when things were simple
When life was still seen in a scale of white and black
When playground battles stayed on the playground
Or recess teams sort boys verse girls
When the biggest worries were who would win kick ball
And whether you had boy cooties on you

Remember back before things became jaded
When life still held wonder and promise at every turn
When you looked forward to each new day
And every experience was special and new
When any hurt could be cured by a kiss
And joy and happiness still ran through you