Friends Forever

Will you be my friend forever
Forever is just one day

Tomorrow you will turn your back
Next week you will walk away
In a month it will seem like a dream
And then come a year from now
You ask yourself did it really happen

What went wrong between us
What happened to our promises
What happened to our dreams

It was just yesterday I met you
Last week we were meant to be
Last month you were my family
Last year we were twins

Forever does not last that long
A month, a week, a day
Time keeps things ever changing
But the outcome is still the same

In the end people change
Grow apart and turn away
Leaving us with questions
Regrets, memories, and dreams

Try as I might I cannot forget you
Or the happy times we shared
Our petty fights mean little now
In my heart you will always be
You will be my friend forever
Even when you no longer care about me