To My Friends

I'm sorry I tried to hard to be perfect
I started to feel so alone
I have a small confession,
I think I'm starting to lose it
I think I'm drifting away from the people I really need
Those people who just happened to be you
Time came to a point at which nothing seemed to matter anymore
You were always on my mind maybe I should have let you know.
I thought that I could-
I'm going to smile like nothings wrong,
Talk like everything is perfect
Act like it's all a dream,
And pretend it's not hurting me,
Pretend I didn't feel the pain
I like walking in the rain because no one knows I'm crying
I can trick myself that I'm strong
I never want you to think that you are anything less then amazing
You were my best friend
You listened to what I never said
A friendship can be broken but never past repair
It is just a matter of time and effort.
I have found life to be an ugly awful place
Not to have a best friend

(Authors Note: This poem was originally a picture poem created with and made almost entirely of avatars and buddy icons I have collected. At some point I plan to recollect the images and at that time I will post a link in my profile to the original copy.)