The fast paced beat of The Real McCoy vibrated off the walls of the crowded room making Svette wish someone would do her the honor of chopping her head off to ease the ache that had settled itself near her temples.

The forever changing strobe lights- from green to red to blue- caused her head to spin viciously and, hoping to ease her muddled brain, she tried her best to focus on her destination. Failing miserably, Svette felt her eyes cross as she involuntarily followed the direction of the continuously moving glowsticks the crowd of people waved in their hands.

The music blared in her ears and her stomach churned violently as she swayed her way across the dance floor looking desperately for the blinking red exit sign. The room held that distinguishing smell of too many people in one room and Svette felt her stomach roll dangerously when the smell hit her nose ten fold. All of her senses seemed to be heightened to the point of it making her sick and she groaned, feeling the queasy sensations coarse throughout her body.

She needed air. She needed to find her friends. She needed a damn Tylenol- something to stop her head from feeling as if it would roll off of her shoulders any minute.

She felt the sweat drip down her back as she pushed past a couple on the dance floor, desperate for some fresh air. She didn't bother apologizing since she doubted her voice would be anything close to coherent but just kept pushing her way through the crowd and toward the exit.

She felt like she might as well have been pushing against a brick wall, since it proved useless, her not having enough strength to walk any further.

Even with her distorted mind, she registered that something was definitely wrong and in the back of her mind knew that the Coke she had ordered had been spiked with something other than the Rum she had put in it. Dimly she wished desperately that she had chosen not to come tonight.

Just when she felt herself beginning to get used to the drumming sensation in her head, the count down began, making it roar to life once again- this time more violently. The people around her began to scream and she swayed violently once again as the noise bounced in her head like a drum.

Just as her feet gave out from beneath her, she felt strong arms wrap around her small waist. "Damn happy New Year, huh?"

She blinked and was able to catch a glimpse of a pair of familiar gray-blue eyes before everything went blackā€¦


I'll do this now so I don't have to keep doing it throughout the story... Anything branded I do not own and any lyrics throughout the story is either written by my wonderful cousin or by a band. Everything else is mine though so no stealing, please :)