A/N: First poem that I've written in two years that means something to me. Hope you enjoy it too.

How to talk to God

by BoarderKC

Get down on your knees

with folded hands

Bow your head and breathe

Chant inherent words memorized since birth

and wait for hallowed light

Avert your eyes when the skies crack open

or close them for good measure

Purity burns retinas from sockets

and it's safer to be humble

Don't forget to find your voice

when your deity is waiting

Repeat prayers like erupting praises

profess dirty sins

to relieve you're cracking soul

Lose yourself, that's all he asks

Push past your body

and lose your mind

and let the light console you

This is your healing moment

And what of you, you heretic brethren

Push yourself to your feet

and focus on the sky

The stone grey clouds are churning

like a hellfire lava whirlpool

and you'll have to find the crack

In the rift there's an answer you shouldn't seek

to a question you shouldn't ask

it could tear the world apart

But stand up tall

and ask it

Face it

Spit it from swelling lips

You have the right to knowledge

Ask yourself who's really there

then ask their fictitious phantom

Wait for a divine feeling to embrace you

in hallowed, purist light

to answer your suspicion

Demand justice for the wronged

and healing for the hurt

Question gender and the races

and the level of your caste

Seek to know the answers to the questions they've resisted

While you hold yourself with exalted

they double over praying

you wait for the lightning's strike

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