Happily Ever After

"I want to live happily ever after," she said,
the pumpkin and the coach,
and a little fairy Godmother,
she's always wished for one of those.

She wants the happy ending,
the glass slippers on her feet,
and dancing in the ballroom,
With her suitor oh so sweet.

Waltzing down that isle,
that "perfect" mate in hand,
and when she wishes upon a star,
all goes according to plan.

Cause she's afraid of the big bad wolf,
and stepping off the trail,
no there's no room for monsters,
in her perfect fairy tale.

For Beauty and the Beast you see,
were not inside her book,
and she has no idea
of the twists and turns they took.

For she's been dreaming of her life
her flawlessly planned bliss,
an edit to her masterpiece
simply can't exist.

For it's every little girls dream
to have a castle and a gown,
I wonder what she'll do
when her world comes crashing down,

as she's sitting in her tower,
and waiting day to day,
for her storybook ending
and a "hero" to save the day,

hoping her chance has not been missed
from the "warrior" which has fled,
"I want to live happily ever after,"
after all, that's what she said.