Jax had come down with a nasty cold and had become bed ridden for the next week, leaving Time to do all his dirty work. She had practically taken his place. Luckily she found a helper; Laree had nothing better to do so she offered her services to her now undead buddy. "So Jax, what a cutie hey?" Laree had stopped and looked at Time expecting an answer. "You know if you don't say anything I will go around and post up messages saying that you want to make out with Jax Main." Time just looked up and frowned. "Well a frown that's the most I have gotten out of you all day, I'm succeeding in my mission." Laree just got up and laughed loudly.

"And what mission would that be?" She stopped laughing and sat down next to Time.

"You answered me; you answered me that was my mission!" She was now shouting in Time's ear.

"Ok, ok you don't have to burst my ear drums." Time was shocked at how friendly she had gotten to this strange girl she had meet in a shower cubical. She walked over to Laree and shoved a bucket into her hands, "here I need to go." Laree looked up at her and shrugged, "I've been called up." Time just walked out and ignored the calling of her friend left behind in the males change rooms.

Time waited in front of her superiors door expecting a 'come on in Time' but all she got was a "get in here zombie!" She frowned and opened the door quickly. "Good you do listen, look Jax is sick, and since you are his job I need you to take his place, in a mission." Her eyes widened and she kind of cringed. "Don't give me that look! You will be in charge of his team! Now get ready!" She walked to the door quickly but stopped when she heard her boss yell out "hurry, you will be out side killing off your own kind no later then seven!" She was then pushed out the door roughly with no regard to her delicate skin.

She trudged back to her small concrete room mumbling unpleasant words directed at her superior. On her unmade bed was a small package. A note tha was stapled to the package bluntly stated that she was to wear the clothes inside. After she had put on the revealing outfit she found another smaller package in one of her pockets. 'Glasses, hmm wonder what these are for?' She then sat on the bed and placed them loosely on her face. They felt like they where made just for her, all of a sudden every thing looked as if it where a shadow.

"Hey Time, do they work?" She had heard this voice once before over the loud speaker. She didn't answer until she heard the voice called out once again asking if they worked.

"What? Did what work"

"The glasses, take them off." She slowly lowered them so they now sat on the tip of her nose. She realized that one half of the room was now completely gone and the other half still looked like shadows.

"Yeah they work." She chuckled to her self and added "But I think you have some more work to do on them"

"Why?" The voice was starting to sound a bit disappointed.

"Everything is shadowy." There was no reply.

After she had placed the glasses softly in a small pocket just below the collar, a voice from a diffrent speaker bellowed out, "Group 7, it's time for your rounds." Time looked at her watch and realized it was 7. She rushed out of the room and met her group at the large steel door separating the outside world from theirs.

"Wow, it's beautiful"

A voice from behind snapped out "no it isn't, it's disgusting!" Time was a bit confused by the gesture because no matter what it brings out, looking at the blue moon is a once in a life time experience. The same voice was now telling her to stop getting distracted and watch every move she makes.

They all split up into small groups, unfortunately Time was all alone. "Great now they're going to discard me from patrolling with them." Time put her head down and walked slowly around a dark bush. "This is boring, I bet if I had someone to talk to it would make for a more interesting experience for me." Every few steps she took she could hear another few foot steps behind her. She couldn't see anyone but she was still on edge.

It was about 1 hour into the mission and she was becoming quite agitated. All of a sudden everything disappeared. She started to freak out and run around in circles. "Ha, look at her, she is so pathetic." After the people behind her had finished having their laugh everything faded back.

"That's not fair! I will get you back!" She started to feel ill and her eyes started to roll back.

"Hey Time, stop being an idiot!" She couldn't answer due to the fact if she opened her mouth everything will come falling out. She stood up straight and looked over the shoulder of a young girl with a blue flash light. She started to freak out and was stabbing the air with her finger. "What is it, fuck head?" She tried to speak but all that came out was a sickly gurgle and a bit of stomach acid. "That is gro…" The girl couldn't even finish her taunt; she fell hard into a shrub that was in front of her. A disgusting maggot eaten thing fumbled onto her now bleeding back. This time more then a bit of stomach acid came out of Times mouth. The young guy that was standing next to the now dead girl had collapsed into the pool of blood surrounding his team mate crying and cursing at Time for some reason. After the maggoty thing had straightened it's self up, it looked at the sobbing man, and with a swift flick it's hand, the sobbing man was in two. Time started to freak out when it turned its sights onto her.

"Get down, and put on those glasses!" Jax voice commanded. He turned on his light and waited till Time was out of the way. He then grabbed a small knife out of his cargos, before Jax killed it, the zombie moaned out something that was impossible for any normal ear to catch. The knife quickly came swooping down into the Zombies head and stopped moving once it hit it's spine. He turned off his torch and walked over to his old comrades. He heard a large sigh followed by sobbing coming from behind him. "Hey, hey, Time don't cry"

"It's all my fault, I let them die, I could feel it coming, and I knew it was there, but I couldn't do anything!"

Jax bent over her and patted her head, "It's ok, don't worry about it, it was your first try at this, and you did well. Your still standing." Something about his smile told her that everything wasn't all right.