Reach – A Sermon


Reach for the dream.

Reach for the goal, and let it fill you. Reach for the apple in the tree, and pray for the moment when you can pluck it down and partake in the joy that it brings.

Know that it'll satisfy you; sate your desire. Quench your thirst and leave you completely and utterly satisfied, wanting only more of the goodness that it provides. Then, you shall find that the tree of life bears yet more good fruits; wisdom, safety, love, and perversion. And you shall see these fruits and desire them. They will consume you and make you reach for them, taking the place of the bread and the fish you have subsisted upon, and becoming the manna that you live by.

Reach for your dreams; you are the only one who will ever understand just how much, just how important they are to you. When the adversaries and naysayers of your life come to disparage you, pay them no attention. Continue reaching to the Tree; partaking of its sweet fruits. Lust, love, joy, and emptiness.

Your friends shall leave you, your loved ones desert you, and backstab you, leaving you for dead. Rise up above them and reach. Reach for your salvation and partake of the Tree, for it will sustain you during these your darkest hours. Let the swords of your foes cut you, for you shall triumph above them when you succeed. Therefore, pay them no heed, for they will not know what they have done. Don not let hatred fill you up, but rather continue striving to satisfy your desire. Know that nobody will ever care about what you have to say, or do; that they will only try to pull you down to their problems. Thus, their distractions will not be necessary. Continue to reach.

Strive your hardest when you are down, to continue raising your hand in defiance; continue to reach for your dream when it falls just in front of you, just out of your reach. Know, however, that at the last instant, somebody better will rise above you, step on your back, and pluck the apple you desire, and walk away, leaving you dashed upon the rocks. At that moment, you shall see the hours of your life vanish as your dream has been stolen, and you shall see that all your efforts have been in vain. Know that your heart will be dashed, and your spirits broken, and you will want to die. One day, your wish shall be granted. And you shall rot in hell for your countless, unforgivable sins.