Fairy Tales

Failure flows,

From open wounds.

Tragic that my life,

Has to end so soon.

Pretty Snow White,

Paid for an apple, with a dime.

Singing merrily not much longer,

The poisoned apple will not come out this time.

Little Alice,

Playing amongst the sand.

Poor girl,

She's fading from Wonderland.

Then there's Sleeping Beauty,

How her world is shaken up.

Kiss her all you want,

And she still won't wake up.

Pleasant little Belle,

She's dining on a feast.

Little does she know;

She'll never get to kiss the beast.

Sweet Ariel,

Wanting to be free in the sun.

She won't be able to for very long,

Ursula will survive in this one.

Silver lines every cloud,

But most of us die finding the shine.

People need to realize,

When we go, we think it's our time.

Most of the time it's not,

But it's not like you can change.

Even if it doesn't work,

Your life will never be the same.

Why is it that people believe,

In 'happily ever after's'?

That you'll fall forever in love,

And it will carry on for a few chapters.

Some lives end with sobs,

And some end in wails.

But now suddenly I've realized,

Lives don't ever end in fairy tales.