Scarlet Butterfly

Golden butterfly,
Bright wings in the night.
So beautiful to all,
Radiant during flight.

Scarlet butterfly,
Unaware of the hatred.
Bathed in dark pain;
Nothing close to sacred.

Golden butterfly,
Oh, how your beauty shows.
Graceful as you fly,
As your beauty glows.

Scarlet butterfly,
Invisible at our feet.
So dark and tainted,
Yet so kind and sweet.

Golden butterfly,
Your color is so pure.
The liveliness, so unique,
The most gorgeous thing in nature.

Scarlet butterfly,
Damp from the rain.
Secretly hiding
So no one sees your pain.

Golden butterfly,
Who would ever know
That she's black on the inside?
Hardly anything to show.
That golden butterfly,
She's not as pretty as they say,
But looks mean everything
In this world we're in today.

Scarlet butterfly,
May you weep tonight,
For you know it is the end;
No more can you take flight.
You, scarlet butterfly,
Made our world marvelous and bold,
But you went unnoticed
Because you were never gold.