Death of my Dearest.

If she was gone would you miss her? Or is

The memory of her just a blur?

Do you know how much you make her cry? How

Much you make her want to give up and die?

She is dying on the inside she's breaking

On the outside; the truth leaking through.

The Saddest thing about it is nobody knew.

All the lies hidden behind a smile,

The pain she suffered wasn't apparent for while.

The cuts becoming clearer, bigger more apparent.

Crying all night, all day. There isn't any hope left.

She is gone now; we realize her smiles,

Her laughs, her happiness it wasn't real.

In the end she just couldn't feel,

Any reason to stay. And I miss her still till this day.

I wish you could feel and weren't so heartless;

To see what you were doing to her. You broke her.

Her blood on the table; the knife on the floor.

And the girl who was full of smiles was,