What a word,

What a wonder,

That you can go so far as to presume,

That there is something there,

Some sort of life to live,

That is perfect.

Utterly perfect.


I can't believe that you,

Of all people,

Think they keep their promises.

Haven't you learned?

Don't want to see you,

See you hurt.

This is a warning,

Nothing more,

SO I believe,

There is no reinforcement for this,

This rule.

It's a simple one,

It's a needy one,


Maybe that's a lie,

This isn't simple.

Trust me,

Oh god,

Trust me,

Trust me again,

Why can't you see that I still need you.

Talk to me,

I need you to talk,

To stop with the brutally short replies.

They're killing me.

Killing me.

I need you to understand,

I still love you.

And now that you hate me,

I'm asking,


Trust me,

Just pretend,

If you need to,

Just do it,

For me.

I never asked for anything,

Anything important,

So do this for me,


You don't understand,

Understand how I need this,

How it's tearing me apart.