My Secret Love

By Sabeline Malenfant

Human beings

Aren't meant to pine

For those who would decline,

The happiness and glory of

A love they would malign.

It is not right

For me to cry

To have to say goodbye,

Before I've even given up

I leave with no reply.

I wonder why

With all my love

You fail to see thereof,

The happiness you bring to me

It's you I hold above.

You do not see

My dead silence

As others will witness,

You've bloodied me with ignorance

And murdered with blindness.

You do not mean

To be this way

Your actions do convey,

You found the girl you truly love

And here I shall decay.

It is not me

To my despair

And thus I do declare,

That love is not for wayward fools

And love I must forswear.