The atmosphere was breezy
And all the grins were cheezy
Around the picnic blanket of the Joneses one fine day
They'd decided to be formal
So instead of just the normal
Sorts of food one packs for picnics, Mrs Jones had packed 'gourmet'!

Rebecca, three, and Mark, thirteen
Had been positively keen
To pack caviar and eggplant, and prawns with olive oil
So Mr Jones and his two brothers
And the kids and all the others
Went out into the bush with their lunch wrapped up in foil.

They got stuck into their meal
With unmentionable zeal
They felt like royal subjects with this food beyond compare
So the Joneses were digesting
Lots of very interesting
Little titbits when they realised Rebecca wasn't there!

Mr Jones said, "Where'd Rebecca go?
I saw her just a sec ago!"
He put down the wasabi and looked around the trees
"Becky boo!" He called in strife
While his brothers and his wife
Got up from their asparagus and Mortadella cheese.

Mr Jones said, "Mark, wait here –
If she decides to reappear
Someone better be around, you know, just in case
We're all going looking
You stay here with the cooking
We'll be back when we can find Rebecca's little hiding place."

So they searched the bush in sections
And explored in all directions
Until…her mother found her, far from any of the trails
She said, "Hey, look here, Mum!
GOURMET bush tucker – YUM!"
She was sitting on her bottom in the mud and eating snails.