Phoenix Child

I the child of pain and strife,

Abandoned in fear, for so long,

All who know me hate my life,

Though I have done them nothing wrong,

So many came, intent to deceive,

I dropped my guard, I didn't care,

I wanted a friend, I wished to believe,

Loneliness was too much too bare,

Then the shadow came to me,

No offered friendship or concern,

He to be my guardian,

Strong, silent, cold, and stern,

He a wolf in human form,

Hated all man kind,

But I he hated most of all,

Cursed, by me, to bind,

If I had not been ever born,

The child of disdain,

His path would not be fated,

With me to remain,

But soon my fire will consume,

All but some too few,

And like the Phoenix from the ash,

The world will rise anew.

And no longer will they be bothered,

By my cursed life,

I will long have vanished,

The child of pain and strife.