For choir we have to choose a famous song & change it up a bit, to make it Halloweenish. The original song: All Star by Smashmouth P.S the bolded words indicate that they were changed. Each year we do this, I can't find the one from freshman year which was to the tune of "I'm a Believer". I'll up next year's when Halloween rolls around


"New Lyrics"

Somebody once told me this day was gonna scare me

I ain't the bravest soul in the world

I was feeling kind of scared when I saw it standing there

My head was beginning to swirl

Well the fears start coming and they don't stop coming

Ran from the ghost and I hit the ground running

Didn't make sense not to scream in fright

My feet felt heavy but my head felt light

I'm feeling tense to some degree

There's somethin' wrong with taking the dark streets

You'll never know if you don't dare

Come on now, don't be a square


Hey now there's a monStar, everyone runs away

Hey now you've really come far, don't be afraid

And all your bravery will show

When you get the ghost to go

It's a weird place and they say it gets weirder

You're freaked out now but wait 'til you get nearer

But the psychic men beg to differ

Judging by the gap in the picture

The choices we make are getting pretty slim

The monsters getting close so it's getting kinda grim

My Halloween's on fire how about yours

That's the way I want it so I never get bored

Repeat Chorus 2x