Shiny Umbreon

Proudly it stands

Looking straight to the moon

Gathering lunar energy

In the dark and gloom

Azure rings glow brightly

Maroon eyes alight with life;

As it runs, swiftly and silently

To escape life's stress and strife

Its midnight coat; it bears a sheen

Which from a distance can be seen

Sleekly, quietly, it passes you by

Quicker, more agile than the blink of an eye

The dusky twilight of its eyes

Reflects among the starlit skies.

The sky-blue rings upon its coat

Can be seen from a distant moat

With the Espeon, forever it will bond;

As for each other, they are fond

Their unusual alliance will last forever

Severed, it will be, never.

The nimble, graceful Umbreon

Takes rest beside the Espeon

As the sunrise stains the skies

The crimson of an Espeon's eyes.

The dawn is breaking

The day awaits

The sun hangs in the sky

Like a fisherman's glowing bait.

Espeon, the sun Pokemon

Awakens from its sleep

Together with the Umbreon, forever they shall run

Over fields of green and gold, under the sun

As the sun sets once more

And the world is dark and quiet

Upon the moonlight-slathered streets

There stands the Umbreon.

Tall and proud it stands,

Staring at the moon

Admiring its beauty and

Awaiting once more, the midnight

Watching the umbra and penumbra of its shadow

Dance upon the pavement.

It reflects vitality and life

As one of its kind

The Shiny Umbreon.