This is something I've had in my mind for a while, yet had nothing planned with it. I originally planned on a longer tale, but B.N. convinced me otherwise. If you have anyone to thank, its him. If he hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have posted it.


"Mother! Father!" I ran through the darkened hallway, screaming. The only source of light was the occasional flash of lightning. I was but a small child then, I doubt I was any older than eight, the storm was an abomination to my child-like senses.

As I ran, I imagined a malevolent presence behind me. It was as though I was fleeing from a physical manifestation of this frightful tempest. In a failed attempt to calm myself, I imagined the hall in the daytime. Wooden paneling adorned all sides, while a gentle scarlet paint coated the walls up to the ceiling. The darkness contorted everything into abominable horrors.

I continued my path, screaming for my life. I noticed a stream of yellow light pouring out of a door left partially open. I violently flung the door open, careless of anything, other than finding a way to alleviate my fears. What I found only made things worse.

This was a room I'd never even seen before. Upon entering, I realized the gargantuan scale of the room. The ceiling stretched far into a dark abyss, while lights lined the surrounding walls. My gaze slowly panned forwards, and I felt a heat run through my body. I had found my parents, but they were no longer capable of alleviating my fears. Instead, I saw an image permanently engraved into my memory.

He stood over mother's corpse. Her womb was dug out, and my unborn sibling was left to dangle between father's teeth. He allowed the fetus to drop from his teeth before uttering a single word: "Delicious" I felt like I was about to vomit. My head jerked forwards slightly, but I retained the burning liquid within my throat.

His body fell limp, drooping as a wilted rose. It was... strange, I wanted to cry, but I couldn't shed a tear. My mouth was dry, my eyes were burning, yet still no tears. My entire body trembled at this horrific sight, yet still no tears were shed.

How was it? Sick and twisted? Good. Our first TRUE collaboration. Look forward to more similar tales.