Author's Notes: Well, it took me quite a while to come up with the sequel. I had already a vague idea of it when finishing this and after a break, i figured out where it was going.

Here's a little preview of the sequel: A World's Depth ( p.s : if you have a better story title, pls tell me .)


- Thirteen Reapers woven out of the fabric of the universe at the beginning of time by Dante

- Their jobs are to harvest the souls of the dead and bring them to reincarnation via the Vessel of God

- Each Reaper are equipped with a scythe, a soul weapon similar to Dante's and that of ancient times. It is forged of Dante's aether.

- Reapers can only reap the souls of those who are already dead and cannot harm those who are not destined to die.

- Reapers, with their scythes, can step through space via portals created with their scythes.

- Each individual scythe has a unique ability of their own ( e.g. in Chapter 1, Azrael, the fifth Reaper is the Reaper of Sight and has a scythe that can remove supernatural sight from men )


- The first vampire to be born was Raphael, and he sired others via his fangs and vampiric blood. ( read Chapter 1 to discover how he became the first )

- Sensitive to sunlight ( applies only to the eyes ) and therefore, vampires don a blindfold around their eyes.

- Ranked according to age. Seniority in hierarchy determined by the number of lines and colour of their blindfolds.

Coffin Slingers

- With the death of Azrael and the rupture of his channel in the Vessel of God, a small group of humans have been blessed or cursed ( it's all what you think of them actually ) with a set of unique abilities to repel the assaults by the vampires.

- After a period of time of using their abilities, they will have to repent for the usage by sleeping or just lying in coffins, hence their names. In addition, their lifespans will be reduced with prolonged usage.

- With training, the period of timespan before they are required to repent can be lengthened.

- Not fulfilling the requisite for summoning their powers may lead to instant death.

End Notes: Well, that's a brief preview of the sequel. It's already up, two chapters i think. The title's "A World's Depth". Yea, and yep, to formally conclude this story, let's end with a short poem. I've adopted it from one i've read a few months ago and I like it pretty much.


Let me not hate, Let me not feel anger.

Let me not rejoice in what I have to do.

Let my hand be steady and my eye true.

Let my will not waver before my conscience.

Let him not suffer, Let me deal a swift death

I am no longer in history, I am one all forget

If I am to judge the world, who may judge me?

Who will weigh the heart of a black-hearted?