This is the first poem I've put on the site and the first poem I've written that wasn't for english class so yeah, read on! )

When I go to sleep, he's the last thought on my mind

When I wake, he is the first thought of my day

His embrace,

His smile,

His voice,

His confidence in what he does.

It's torture, not knowing what he thinks about me

Not knowing if he feels the same.

One point I feel like maybe he could feel the same

At another I feel like I know he will never feel the same.

I feel so stupid for what I feel

But the worst thing is, I can't help it

It's horrible,



And in the end,

All I can do is wait.

Wait to see if he feels the same

And figure it out before it's too late.

So tell me what you all think, review please! -