I had a reason to be afraid of boys who wear makeup. Example: Jared Ramirez and his brother Kyle. Emo? Scene? Goth? Whatever they are to be avoided! But God Paul is so hot! I miss you poser!

Where did I fit when I was at the bus stop? I don't think I was cool enough to be near the 'ganstas' of the school. I don't think they thought I was black enough,

I couldn't be with the preps though some of them were my friends I just wouldn't feel comfortable with them. I'm paranoid that they'll talk behind my back.

So I was near the nerds. I wasn't into anime and didn't feel like talking about math but they didn't cause trouble.

They loved to talk about Naruto and they're favorite anime movies. Along with those weird guys were the girls who loved Harry Potter. I have nothing against Harry Potter or people who like them. It's just that Noely and Avery are such posers. They risks their friends for popularity. I would know I'm still friends with them.

I should have dropped them especially since they gave out cookies delicious warm soft baked home made Christmas cookies to the boys they liked.

Including the Eyeliner boys Jared and Kyle.

True story last year Christmas break:

"Noely!," I yelled. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and we were just sitting in her room watching another episode of Naruto. I've never followed the storyline she know how much I didn't like this show and I took time to watch it with her since she was so sad.

She was sad because Edward Fitzgerald told everyone that they were dating.

Though they kinda were. Noely in simple ways to put it was a slut. She wasn't a sweet nerd that didn't curse or fall for the sweet nerds.

She was the opposite of that as many times as she tried to play that role it never worked. She acted like she was smarter than me though I was in fact in Honors and she was failing half her classes in regular.

Her clothes were too revealing and she almost got a blue slip for wearing that Stuff Magazine shirt.

It was too cliché that you could tell she was trying to hard to be cool.

But she and Ed had an overly sexual friendship. But how could you blame Ed?

She kept leading him on I wanted to slap her but I didn't. I regret that now.

So he tells everyone that they're dating no one cares! But Noely , superficial as she is freaks about what everyone else will say.

So I come over to comfort her and smack some sense into her. And you know what she does!

Jared Ramirez! Jared Ramirez calls her for the math homework and she ends up talking to him for an hour!

" Yeah Ms. Green is such a fucking bitch!"

Jared got her number from when she was signing year books and she 'accidentally' wrote her number in it.

" Okay yeah so I guess I see you in 5th period."

She hung up the phone and sighed dreamily and closed her eyes.

See cliché.

I had no inttrest in Jared and his freaky brother Kyle. The only person I thought was decent out of their Emo-Punk-Headbanger group was Paul.

God Paul was hot!

More on him later and how he went from wanstka to metally head.

" I can't belive your angry at Ed because he told everyone that you two were dating."

" Look Julia you don't understand anything." She even had the nerdy girl voice.

" Whatever."

After silently watching whatever we were watching Noely suggested making cookies.

" You got that after watching the Fox thing?"

" No I was just thinking to pass out cookies to our friends."

" Oh that's great but I have to go."

So then off I went. She seemed to forget about Ed so I guess my job was done.