" Here Jared." Noely gushed as she handed a cookie to . Her cheeks were flushed because for a brief second he touched her hand.

Jared took a big bite out of the cookie like an animal. Noely was just drooling watching Jared eat as if he was depraved of food for days.

I knew she was being tortured just watching Jared from afar and then once in a blue moon he would acknowledged her existence like yesterday.

That's how I felt about Paul. I was so obsessed with him I got turned on when he ate an apple.

Have you ever seen any one eat an apple?

First he holds it in his big strong hand. He takes a bite right. But it takes it so slow. Gosh it's agonizing. Then with his luscious lips he takes the fruit in whole. When it's a big red juicy apple which is his favorite the juices would run down his chin. He would lick whatever didn't go in his mouth with what I'm sure is a very talented tongue.

Even when I think about it get all hot and flustered.

I looked at Noely feeling sympathy towards her. I knew was it was like to be around the guy who you were sure would make life just a little bit better. How you would want to be near him.

I bit my lip thinking about Paul. I just wish she wouldn't hurt Ed he loves Noely more than I could ever imagine.

I sighed watching Noely get turned on by cookie munching. I smiled and got up from my seat. We were in 5th period. The only class Noely has with him. She and him have all the same teachers but different times.

Right now we were in art class. Miss Wenzel was such a pushover we just talked most off the time.

This is the reason I hate Jared.

I was walking to the sharpener and sharpened my pencil. While Noely was still gushing over him he stared at me.

He just had his eyes fixated on me trying to open me up. It noticed it a few months ago when I asked Paul for a pencil. Even though I had seven in my book bag.

I didn't want to tell Noely I wouldn't want to alarm her thinking Jared liked me. I ruled that out because he had Victoria the "hottest girl in school".

Another reason I had ruled out that he liked me was you could tell. It was his snobby remarks he made during class about me.

I gave him the finger and sat in my chair.