This Is My Life

Another day, another dollar.. not really. I had heard this expression before but it definitely was not the case for the situation I was in. I worked and I worked hard, for no money. My mother as well before she had passed on worked hard and for no money as well. What is it I do exactly? Well I am a servant, a maid mostly, in the grand estate of Lord Alexandar du Mort. I didn't exactly choose this lifestyle. However, I was not at a loss because I knew no other lifestyle. I was born here on my lord's estate and grew up with expectations placed on me from an early age to stay quiet and out of the way. I was taught to do my chores swiftly and as accurately as possible. But I am getting ahead of myself here, let me tell you how I even came to be born into this blessed life of a maid. p

The year was 1988 and my mother was a single woman who had recently lost my father in a work related accident. However she was pregnant with me at the time and had no idea because she was only a few months along. It turns out that my mother had been working a small part time job at the local post office. However, with my father gone and a mortgage payment due she had to get another job. She started working as a night time cashier at the local gas station. One night a terrible man with a gun broke in and took all the money from the register, all the while pointing the gun at my mother's head. She was knocked out by this cruel man with the barrel of his gun. She woke up to find herself in some kind of black market, where women were sold for a fair price to become love slaves to European aristocracy. However there was one man there that night that was not like the other men. When my mother was hustled on stage her clothes were ripped from her body and she stood nude before this strange crowd. Her long gold curls cascaded down around her pretty but terrified face. And her sky blue eyes stared out terrified at the crowd as the bidding began. It turns out my lord is the one who bought her, finding her attractive and needing a new pet. However, he was furious when a few weeks later my mother fell terribly ill and did not live up to his standards as a pet at all. He discovered she was pregnant and told her in a disgusted voice that she owed him for saving her life and that the child she would bear would stay to work at his estate their entire life because he had been so kind to grant mercy to my mother and allow her to keep this "bastard child." Well six months later I was born and resembled my mother in the least. We only had the same small mouth that always appeared to be pouting. However I had my father's almond shaped eyes that were a light hazel. My long black hair also was the same as my father's, my mother always told me. However I do not remember much of my mother because she was killed by vampire slayers when they stormed our lord's estate when I was only six years old. At that time I had not come to realize what Lord du Mort even was. p

Years would pass and I would be taught the proper way to clean all the beautiful furniture and antiques that resided in this beautiful mansion. I had acquired a small room in the back of the house near the pantries. It was a simple room , but mine nonetheless. It had white walls and simple grey tiles. I had my small twin bed in one corner and a dresser at the foot of the bed. My small desk sat in the other corner and my pitcher and bowl sat on the dresser. A simple mirror hung on the wall as well as all my sketches. I loved to draw and would always keep all the paper from the parcels of food sent to the mansion. I managed to steal a few pencils and at night, by candle light I drew when I should have been sleeping. I knew I could get in real trouble if I was ever found but I did not care. p

I was not given a proper name until the age of eight or so. The lord chose all the names for his servants and had chosen Emily for my mother, whose real name had been Melissa. The name he chose for me was Cassandra. I had no idea why but I came to be known as Cassie around the mansion. I rarely saw the lord to be honest. I would go into his room each night and change the bed sheets and clean the bathroom and the floors and such. I worked very hard for my room and board. p

By the time I came to be around the age of thirteen or so I began to notice things I didn't when I was younger. For one my lord would have a new pet every few months. I would watch with silent eyes as I cleaned the downstairs as a pet would attempt to run out the door only to have my master chase after them and drag them back up the steps, screaming and kicking. This always frightened me greatly. One instance that really terrified me was when I was only fourteen I was cleaning a guest room on the third floor. Suddenly the door opened and I turned to see my lord's latest new pet. She was quite pretty with curly blonde ringlets for hair and sparkling green eyes. She wore a tattered dress and her arms were covered in bruises. She stepped forward and grabbed my arm and said in a hoarse and terrified whisper "Help me.. please hide me..before he finds me.." I shook my head not knowing what to say. I had never been told what to do in a situation like this. Suddenly the door wrenched open and their stood my master. His ink black eyes fell upon his terrified pet clutching me as I stood there in shock. He stepped forward, his dark black hair framing his face as he moved in to grab her. She screamed and jumped behind me clutching to my arms. I turned and looked at her over my shoulder and then back to my master. I had never seen him act this way, like a predator. He was always so stern when he spoke to all of us servants during certain meetings. However at this moment he stepped forward and caressed my cheek with one of his cold fingers and I flinched as he smiled lightly down at me. Though the smile was gentle I could feel the cold presence behind it and it chilled me to the core. "Dear dear Cassie.. you weren't trying to help dear little Melody get away were you?" Melody whimpered into my back as I looked up into his ink black eyes and shook my head. I knew better than to speak in his presence unless he truly wanted me to. He nodded and said "Good girl, please resume your chores.. as for you.." He grabbed Melody's wrist as she screamed in terror as he dragged her towards him and he smirked darkly and said "You cannot escape me, my pet." She was now in his helpless embrace as she turned and glared at me and screamed at me as she clawed to get out of his arms as he carried her from the room "HOW CAN YOU WORK FOR THIS MONSTER?!" I did understand what she meant by monster at all. p

It wasn't until I was sixteen and I was mopping the marble tiled entrance way when I finally came to the realization of what my master really was. As usual his newest pet was scrambling down the steps to escape. This girl had long brown hair and dark blue eyes and was completely nude. I was shocked as my master appeared behind her and grabbed her around the waist and whispered into her ear "Bad choice.. to slap me and run off Rose.." He then bit into her neck and began to feed off of her showing her no mercy. She dropped her head and moaned in pleasure and pain as he fed and then he let her dead corpse fall to the ground with a thud. He did not realize I was there the whole time and was shocked when he saw me standing there, frozen in fear and clutching my mop as I stared at his lips that were dribbling with blood. "Young Cassie.." he said in a gentle tone and began to take a step forward. However, I dropped my mop and ran from him in sheer fright and locked myself in my room for the remainder of the night. Ever since that memorable night I have avoided my master at any cost. I still clean his room but only during the hours I know he won't be there. If he passes me in the corridor I do not speak to him nor even look at him. I do not think it bothers him though, I am just another of his servants doing their chores behind the scenes while he plays with his poor pets. p

Three years have passed since that day when I discovered my master was a vampire. I am now almost nineteen and still working as a maid in this mansion. Right now I stare at myself in my mirror as I clutch some bobby pins in my mouth. I was twisting my hair back into a French twist so it would be out of my way when I would eventually mop the entire second floor. I slid on my regular uniform which consisted of a simple dark blue dress with short sleeves. I then slid on my apron and tied it firmly around my waist. I slid into my shoes and splashed some water onto my face as I grabbed my candle holder and began to make my way towards the kitchens to help them prepare breakfast for the master and his pet. p

Now I know it sounds odd that I am using candles in the year 2007, however my master does not like all these new modern things. He prefers to keep things the way they always were. The only modern accommodation we have is air conditioning during the summer and running water. Other than that everything is old fashioned. However, growing up in this dark estate, I had never grown accustomed to electricity ,televisions, or even cars. If you showed me a picture of an airplane I would have no clue what it is. I was educated until I was around fourteen. I was taught to read and write and basic math skills and history. I studied French vigorously too because my lord demanded it of all his servants to speak French. I never understood why but I can speak it fluently. Right now I am peering through the curtains of the kitchen and watching the sun begin to set. I smile as I look at the beautiful colors and imagine painting them. I come back to my senses as I turn and begin to do my chores. I clutch the large skillet in my hand and wipe the sweat from my brow as I quickly begin to make strawberry pancakes. About an hour later the entire breakfast is done, it looks like a large feast. However, I help the servants carry it up to the dining hall where my master sits with his pet in his lap. I keep my eyes downcast as always and my hands tremble hard as I stand close to him and the tray also shakes uneasily as I lay it onto the table. I turn away from him as I hear his pet whimpering from him whispering into her ear and groping her. I walk away quickly with the rest of the servants unaware that my lord's ink black eyes follow me the entire time.