Okay this is really embarrassing, but I was looking back over "A Maid's Tale" and I noticed that I forgot to add this chapter a long while ago! So for that I am so sorry xx! Please enjoy it now. It's mainly a filler chapter, only about Alexander's past! But who can't get enough of Lord du Mort :) LOL? Enjoy !

Opening her chamber door the shrill cries of her child filled the room.

Gasping she remembered how late it was in the evening and she had to keep to her schedule.

Hurrying over to the child's crib; Emile bent over and took her crying baby into her arms.

"Sshh my love. Mommy is here," Emile whispered as she sat down onto her bed that sad adjacent to her daughter's small crib.

Carefully she coddled the small child in the nook of her left arm while her right hand hastily unbuttoned the top of her blouse.

Immediately as she revealed her bosom, she lifted her child to it.

Latching onto her mother, Violet began to feed hungrily. She suckled in her mother's sweet milk as it filled her small belly with satisfaction and nutrients.

"That a good girl," Emile smiled as she ran a finger through her daughter's fluff of dark hair.

As she watched her innocent child feed from her, it dawned on Emile that her child really would die if she was not around to care for her.

"I am all she has in this world," Emile mumbled. Unfortunately the master had sold Emile's husband to another manor soon after she had conceived the child.

The guilt over poisoning Natalie was not as heavy in her heart anymore as she watched her small child still feeding.

"Violet needs me and I must do whatever is necessary to insure her survival," Emile mumbled to herself, kissing the top of her baby's head and holding her close.

Alexander clung to his mother's lifeless body. Her once pretty top was stained with the red wine and resembled blood. It was ironic to the situation, considering she had just been murdered.

"Momma, please come back!" Alexander whimpered, burying his face into her chest and clinging to her tightly.

Silently Grise entered the room and came upon the gruesome scene of his six year old son clutching his dead mother's body.

Walking over he bent down and feigning pity, wrapped a large hand around his son's belly to pull him away from his mother and into his own embrace.

Alexander shrieked as his father's familiar hold was placed around his stomach and was trying to tenderly pry him away from his mother.

"NO!" Alexander shrieked as he clung to her clothes with tightly balled up fists.

"Let go son. She is dead and not coming back," Grise whispered into his son's ear.

"She will come back! You are wrong," Alexander sobbed out, finally collapsing onto his mother's upper torso and his grip loosened.

"Sshh my boy, you still have me," Grise said as he lifted his son into his arms.

Alexander threw his arms around his father's neck and buried his small face into his neck and cried.

"Sshh...crying is for the weak. You must stay strong," Grise ordered him gently.

Alexander nodded and stifled a sob as he sniffled.

"There, that is my strong lad," Grise said setting his son down onto his feet and cupping his chubby face into between his two icy hands.

"Father...why?" Alexander whimpered, his eyes glancing down to his poor mother's discarded corpse.

"It appears she was poisoned," Grise said as he clutched his son's hand in his own and led him towards the door. Taking Alexander away from the scene of the crime was the best thing to do right now.

"But...who would want to poison mother?" Alexander asked.

"Who would want to hurt the mother of my heir? Who would want to bring harm onto the woman who gave birth to yet another immortal?" Grise questioned his son as he held his hand and they walked down the dark corridor.

Alexander hesitated not knowing this answer, "Who father? Who would do all those things?"

Smiling inwardly Grise scowled outwardly and said in a low hiss, "Your mother was poisoned by our greatest enemy..."

Dark eyes wide, Alexander stared up at his father as Grise finally revealed who this enemy was, "...werewolves."

Ten years had passed since the unfortunate death of Natalie.

Seventeen, proud, and handsome was the young heir to the du Mort coven and this was Alexander.

Over the years his father had trained him to be cruel, ruthless, and a great coven leader, at least in Grise's eyes.

The lies of how werewolves had been the ones to somehow get the poison into his mother's wine glass had been pounded into his head for all these years.

His mind was filled with pursuits of revenge against the werewolves, but that would be at a later time in his life. For now he planned to enjoy his youth and freedom before he took over the coven for his father.

Cocky as ever, he slept with every pretty maid in the house. This displeased his father greatly. However, Alexander had been taught to fear no one and he always got what he wanted.

However to restrain his son's lust, Grise began allowing his son to bring home "pets."

These girls would be very lovely in their body shape and facial features. Alexander could do with them what he wished and when he grew tired of them, discard of them easily. Then he could go enjoy the hunt of finding a new girl to take the previous pet's place.

The excitement of tracking down a new girl of his choice thrilled the young lord more than sleeping with the maid's ever had.

One day as Alexander was lounging about on his bed, lazily kicking his leg in a unsettled manner his father entered the room.

"Thanks for announcing your entrance," Alexander grumbled as he sat up and pushed the hair from his handsome face.

Grise gritted his teeth, "Son certain things have come to my attention. For example, how you have gone through four pets in two weeks."

Shrugging Alexander fell back onto his covers, staring up at the ceiling.

"Not my problem that those mortal whores cannot satisfy all my lusts," he grumbled.

"This is a serious matter. At first I could overlook this but now since you are coming to a marital age, you gaining such a reputation as being so...promiscuous with different mortal girls is not good," Grise explained.

Alexander shuddered as he sat up slowly and stared at his father with a dumbfounded expression across his face, "Wait...did you just say marital age?"

"Yes," Grise said simply, crossing his arms over his chest.

"But you never got married," his son countered back.

"Well my father never pressured me since I had many brothers and there was always another heir if I died, however you are my only child and only son so you will be getting married as soon as you are eighteen," Grise growled.

"I don't think so," Alexander challenged as he stood his ground.

"Do not backsass me boy. Your foul mood is making me lose my temper," Grise warned.

Knowing better than to bring out his father's wrath, Alexander gritted his teeth and nodded.

"Good this discussion is over. If you want more pets they must at least be around for two to three months a piece. Understood?" Grise commanded.

"Yes sir," Alexander grimly replied.

"Good as soon as I can I will start setting up meetings with available suitors for you," Grise said turning and leaving his son's room, the door slamming behind him.

Alexander growled in annoyance, there was no way in hell he would marry when he turned eighteen. He had barely began to live and he planned to enjoy his youth, immortal or not.

But how could he stop his father? He had never gone against his father before, so this would be difficult to ascertain.