i hate the way you found me,

wild eyed and wasted,

you picked me up, told me i was amazing,

i don't know why, but i'll keep on falling

if it means you'll find me again.

i hate the way you came out of nowhere,

at the worst possible time,

you said all the right things,everything i didn't need to hear,

i don't know why, but i'll listen to insults,

if you'll whisper in my ear.

i hate how i braved the cold,

wind whipped with bloodshot eyes,

drawn from sleep to find you,

i don't know why, but i'd still pound this pavement,

the second you ask me to.

i hate how you promised, with sincere eyes,

to give me everything i never asked for,

and looking in them made me want it to,

now i know it wasn't real, and i don't know why

but i can't run away from you.

- January 6th, 2007