Chapter 1: The Knowing

"Umbra! Run!" Shadow screamed, grabbing Umbra's hand and dragging her along.

"Aaaaaargh!" Umbra yelled, trying to rivet herself into an upright position.

When they had gotten a good distance away, Shadow gasped, "Why didn't you run? Those guys were no match for us!"

"Yeah, but I wanted to finish Lactes off first!" was Umbra's rebuttal.

"You must be crazy to utter such words!" Shadow started to yell. "Did you see what they did to Midnyte? Did you? Did you?!" in her sudden anger, her voice had risen to a high pitch. Then she said more calmly, "Look, Umbra. I can't lose you too! If I lose all of you... I'll... I'll lose myself."

Umbra sighed. "I understand. You know, I don't think Lactes is as powerful as he seems. He may have snared and trapped Midnyte's spirit while she was in battle, which was such a low and dirty trick—mind you, Midnyte was always very strong-willed—but it's not him. No, mark my words. It's not him. There's someone behind him, and we've gotta find out who, and fast. You with me, Shadow?"

Shadow winked at her. "With you all the way, friend!" she smiled.

"Tell me, Midnyte." Lystelle said in her beautiful, melodious voice. "Do you know much about yourself?"

Midnyte swallowed. "Uh... No, not very much."

Lystelle laughed her lovely laugh. "Well then, I will tell you about yourself. All about yourself."

Midnyte gulped, sounding very much like an out-of-place fish. "H-h-h-how do you know about me?" She stuttered uncertainly.

"Remember that I am the guardian of your soul. How can I not know you well? I've watched you grow. Do you want me to tell you?" Lystelle inquired gently.

Midnyte paused. The information would probably help her in her tasks. She took in a deep breath. "Tell me." she said.

Lystelle smiled. "Good. Now, here is your story, for everything in the world, living or dead has a story; is a story of its own."