Chapter 3: A Premonition (Normal POV)

She was in an area, filled with utter, blinding light. Everything was out of focus, like a camera with scratched lenses. She blinked, and her vision cleared, and the truth dawned on her. The area was a small, windowless room with no exit whatsoever.

Clamping down upon her panic and claustrophobia, she forced herself to press against the walls calmly, to search for an unlikely exit.

All of a sudden, voices sounded through her head. They called her name. "Midnyte… Midnyte…" Frantically she tried to form a strong mental barrier, but she seemed helpless against them. Instead, she directed her mind and imagination to Lystelle.

Abruptly the voices stopped. Lystelle's image appeared in her mind. "Well done." She said, but her voice was strangely hollow and emotionless. "You have passed the first test."

For a moment Midnyte was suspicious. Then she decided to let it go, and to believe 'Lystelle'. "I can't believe it!" She gasped in delight. "I passed?"

Suddenly 'Lystelle's' tone changed. "Fool!" She hissed. "You did not concentrate. I am not Lystelle. Lystelle left you so that you might complete this task. You only managed to conjure up a picture of Lystelle. But your lack of concentration has let us in. We win. You lose."

"No! This can't be happening! No way. Oh, no way…" Midnyte thought in despair.

Suddenly Midnyte snapped back to reality, feeling sick. That vision… she thought. Was it a warning, or was it just to scare me? Deciding that it was the former, she quickly started gathering energy from the dark. Then she noticed that her clammy hand clutched a scrap of parchment. Curious, she unfolded it and read it.

"Midnyte. Before you do the task please read this. It's a riddle for your first task.

Evil it may sound

Voices echoing around

Sensing you within

A frightened conciousness

Wards off all evil within

Depicting something good

If you picture well

Let not success distract you

Or evil shall return.

Best of luck,


Midnyte swallowed. The piece of paper must have been placed in her hand while she was entranced, but the riddle sounded ominously like her vision. She waited to see if the premonition would come true.

She was, however, determined that it would not.