Prison Of Fear:

Peering About With Blood Shot Eyes

Thoughts Racing

A Fog Forms From What's Meant To See

Panic Falls

Nothing To See

Nothing To Feel

What's The Need For All Your Fear?

Darling, Don't You See?

Careful Where Your Foot Falls,

The Day Is Waiting For The Inevitable Descent

Rise Back Up, Like I Know You Will

And Save Me From This Fog

Now, Don't Get Lost In The Labyrinth Of Thoughts,

Seek What Has Been Lost

For It's Far More Important Than You Thought

Thrown Into The Nothingness You Feel

Try To Resist This Beauty

You Know What You See Is Not Real

For Fluttering Eyes Close, Imagining The Lost Light

Hurry, I Fell I'm Falling Fast In This Prison Of Fear

Drowning In What I Believed To Be Real

I Still Find Myself Hiding These Dirtied Hands,

Which Still Help Me Climb

The Never-Ending Tower Of Muddied Souls

Causing Me To Feel The Way I do.

Please, Try And Soften My Landing

If This Tears Me Down Completely

Let Me Drift Past All Return

On The Long Lost Road Of Broken Dreams

Because This I Fell Is Just Too Real

Hiding Deep Within The Walls

Of This Mysterious Prison