Things Change Over Time

They'd been friends since kindergarten, Maureen and Katie. Maureen was a quiet shy girl, always afraid to speak her mind, and also was the shortest girl in her class. Katie, however, was a loud girl, just the opposite, and the tallest girl in her class. They met on the playground. However, they would change over the years as they grew…

In middle school, Maureen decided she liked to write. She read in all her free time possible, and now wrote short stories in a notebook she carried everywhere. She had a few friends, and they loved to write, just like her. Often in her English class, she was given the highest grades for her stories. Katie had changed too, but unlike Maureen, was a troublemaker. She listened to rap music, and dressed in pretty revealing outfits, and with her so-called 'friends' made fun of Maureen and her choice of clothing, music, and hobbies. Katie also loved to talk on the phone, and did that a lot.

One day the girls were at the mall when Katie and Maureen ran into each other again. They'd almost forgot how nice they had been to each other in kindergarten.

"Hi Katie," said Maureen, quietly. Katie just looked at her.

"Hey Maureen," said Katie. They didn't talk for awhile; what was there to talk about?

"Katie, what happened to the old you?" asked Maureen. Another thing that had changed about Maureen was that she had grown braver. The way each girl acted drastically contrasted with the environment they lived in. Katie's parents had all the money they could want, so Katie could get practically anything she wanted. Her parents spoiled her rotten half the time, and still she acted rebellious. Maureen, on the other hand, lived on the so-called 'wrong side of the tracks.' In her neighborhood, there was a history of violence and crime, and a few people had been murdered. Maureen's parents made enough for them to live on, and Maureen wore hand-me-downs, generally from her mom or cousins. She had to be tough, especially because of all the crime where she lived. Also, it was a huge surprise to have more than just her family for Christmas, but Maureen loved it. She loved being with her family, because you can't talk to presents.

"I've changed Maureen. Obviously, you've noticed that," said Katie. Katie was wearing a tank top and tight black jeans, with loads of mascara and dark red lipstick, and she had her black hair back in a ponytail. In kindergarten, that hair had been a flaming red; now, it was died over. The red had used to bring out her emerald green eyes; now they still stood out, but not so much as before. Maureen was wearing a t-shirt that was a little too big, and said something about some singer; the words had faded a bit. Her jeans were one size too big, and were held up by a belt, invisible under her shirt. The jeans were faded so light blue, they looked almost white. Maureen let her blond hair hang down to her shoulders as usual, and her light blue eyes were as bright as always. Her parents had said she could come to the mall and go to the bookstore.

"Yes, and you're so different from who you used to be. Remember how good of friends we were?" asked Maureen.

"Yes, but those days are over. Things have changed," said Katie.

"Things change over time, Katie," said Maureen. Then, Katie's parents came out of the store they were in, and Katie left with them.

More years went by, and now both girls were out of college at the age of twenty five. Maureen, having taken a lot of English classes, had started writing a book, and then she'd amazingly got it published. Now she was starting another one. Katie though, got stuck doing what she hated- being a secretary at some backwater place. As Katie was listening to the radio one day, she caught the tail end of an interview with Maureen about her book. She listened.

"So, what inspired you to write this book?" asked the interviewer.

"Some things that happened to me when I was a kid," said Maureen.

"And you still remember those?" asked the interviewer.

"Yes. And there's a moral to this story, too," said Maureen.

"And what is that?" asked the interviewer.

"Things change over time, and good friends can become bad influences," said Maureen," And you never know- you yourself might change and not know it."

Okay, just a little something I randomly came up with. Hope someone reads it.

Army Jeep Girl 1993