I've been plagiarized again. Someone on wattpad stole not only SWWS but also my entire profile from a couple of years ago AND my pen name. There aren't words in the English language to fully express my anger. I feel like this person stole my life. He/she even stole the story of how my family first came to America by answering someone's comment with an anecdote about my grandfather! I'm sure he's rolling over in his grave right now, God bless him.

I've asked the imposter to take his/her profile and copy of my story down immediately. Almost directly after, I received a rather petty anonymous review calling my story boring without citing any particular instances or giving any constructive criticism, so I'm thinking that my copycat was lashing out at me.

I also reported the problem to the webmaster of wattpad. It would probably help the process, though, if more people were aware of the violation and spoke up. Will you guys please help me out? Just go to wattpad and look up my pen name, and you'll find the person who has stolen my identity. Please tell him (apparently the person changed my profile to say that I'm a dude) to take his profile down immediately.

To my dedicated readers, I will be updating MAD soon. I've been working on chapter 2 for a while now and have also developed the plot line a bit more. I'm really excited about where it's headed! Please forgive me for the lapse in time: the end of spring semester got pretty crazy, and now I'm working at an internship in Washington, D.C., so I've had to squeeze my writing time in around other things. I will update soon!

To would-be plagiarizers, don't even THINK about it.

P.S. I'll take this note down as soon as the problem has been taken care of. I won't, however, take down the story. That would mean that the plagiarizer has won. He hasn't.