Chapter One – Vacation Gone

"I never thought I could really get lost here," Jupiter said to herself looking around the forest.

She started to feel dizzy and sat down in-between the roots of a thick tree. She had gotten a strong headache when she entered the forest.

Jupiter took her backpack off and grabbed out her CD player. The only music she had with her was Mozart because she had overslept on the day of her trip, and that was what she had listened to last.

Jupiter had orange hazel eyes and long thick brown hair. Her skin was always pale, but this summer she had gotten a bit of a tan.

"It's lonely," she said to herself, "I should have listened to my father."

She imitated her fathers voice which was much deeper, "You want to go to an old forest of England, because you think it's cool? You'll get lost. Those forests are a lot thicker than you think. And you're going to waist this one promised trip on some stupid forest?"

She laughed quietly at herself, throwing her long brown hair behind her shoulders, "I should have gone to Japan."

After a long silence she started to laugh louder than before, "How lame! I'm talking to myself."

But not long after that a few tears slid down her face as it was getting late and fog started to settle, "I'm scared."

She wore simple blue jeans and a green button-up t-shirt. Around her waist was tied a dark green jacket. She wore sneakers and on her back was a big back-pack, which carried only stuff she needed for the hike. There was no dinner in there because she was supposed to be back for it already. There was a water bottle, snack food (which she had forgotten about), a notebook, pens, a flashlight, a compass, a camera and her sandals.

"They say you should stay in one place when you get lost but, I have a really bad feeling."

Jupiter got up and started to walk in one direction, and unbeknownst to her, she was walking right into the heart of the forest.

She screeched out of surprise, which seemed to still echo throughout the forest. Jupiter had tripped over a thick root, dropping her CD player and the CD rolled away.

She realized she had scraped her knee, "Ouch."

A few drops of rain spilled down from the leaves of the trees and onto her. While getting up she started to get dizzy again and headed towards where her CD rolled to. She stepped on the side of her foot and fell down again.

Jupiter fell over onto another large root, knocking the wind out of her. She looked up, the world around her spinning. She felt like vomiting but she was so dizzy she couldn't even move.

She thought to herself, I can't move.

She looked up at the CD shining just above her head.

Oh god, what's going to happen to me? I can't die like this. This is way to lame of a way for me to die. But, I'm lost, it's late, it's raining on me, I can't move, and I think I sprained my ankle.

Jupiter closed her eyes as she passed out. The spinning world faded in and out of consciousness. I must have hit my head.

It felt like it had been hours, but judging by the light and the same fog it was still not to far from when she passed out. In reality it had only been ten minutes.

Jupiter put her hand up to her head as she thought she saw someone. She tried to scream to the person, but nothing came out. The little bit of sunlight shown from behind the person, making it even harder to make sense of the person. It was a guy she could finally see, and he was really tall. He had the same long brown hair as her and it was braided down his back. He was wearing what looked like a cape. Then he turned his head, his ears extended out to the back of his head and were slender and pointy.

She closed her eyes again. I'm imagining things, remember, I hit my head.

It felt like another hour passed and she felt water being spilt on her head.

"I'm Ryuu of Celios. I heard you scream and came to find out what it was," he said with a strong English accent. It surprised her, but what did she expect being in England.

Jupiter's eyes fluttered open and she smiled for the first time in a while, "I thought I might die."

Ryuu suddenly pulled back, "A human!?"

He could tell by her American accent. The fog had gotten really thick now and being as dizzy as she was, she couldn't see his face too clearly.

"Thank you so much, you're my savior," Jupiter sat up finally.

The world lurched in a sudden spin, and so did her stomach.

She choked on her breath from the pain, "Why am I so dizzy? All I did was fall and sprain my ankle."

Jupiter suddenly felt dizzy again, and she fell into the guy, "I'm sorry, I'm so dizzy.

"It's the fog, it's a spell to keep humans out."

She heard him say it but she felt like she didn't even know where he was.

"What? A spell? That's nonsense, there's no such thing!"

"Of course, you're dizzy. For such a strong spell you should be dead already."


Jupiter drifted off into sleep again.

"How the hell did she manage to wonder into our dimension? It's so protected. She's the first one ever! In the Thousands of years we've lived here. …I better inform the elder."

He grabbed the CD, the CD player and her bag. Then Ryuu grabbed her in his arms and carried her off to the town.

"Well… This is something new for a change."

Slowly as he left the forest, it stopped raining and cleared up as if it had never rained at all.

Chapter Two – Arguments

"Ryuu!" A girl elf called out to him, as she ran down a hill to the edges of the forest to meet him.

She stopped smack where she was when she saw he was carrying someone.

The girl and Ryuu's eyes met, with an understanding.

"I sensed you came back, but I don't feel anything from that person. Are you sure he's alive?" she yelled across the space between them.

"She's alive Lia," Ryuu yelled back, "Now go get the elder for help and only the elder, alright?"

Lia nodded, "Alright!"

"Be quick about it!"

She ran off into the town with no wall confining them, but around them were tall mountains and lakes. Crimson skies loomed over them, as for it was almost night. All the puffy clouds were lined orange and purple. It had been a nice day in Faelis.

Lia leaped high on top of houses to miss running into anyone, jumping lightly from rooftop to rooftop.

The houses were made of stone and had wooden roofs with leaves and hay on top of them. There were stone streets along all the houses and many random trees.

She stopped in front of a larger house and knocked on the door.

When he answered there was man who looked like he was in his thirties, but never trust the looks of an elf for they choose how fast or slow they grow. He had silver hair and black eyes. Across his face were many scars from the many years he had lived. With the scars and the years of sun his face seemed a lot like leather. He could have rid himself of the scars if he wanted, but to him they were a reminder of the long years past.

"Ryuu needs you, and only you he said."

The elder was a man who had lived the longest of the entire elf race, he was now 1,479 years old. People who had been born in his day, killed themselves because of the length of their life.

"Is it urgent?"

"Yes elder Zephyr, there's a girl hurt."


"At the edge of the forest."

"It may be an incoming elf, I'll go ahead. You stay here in my house."

She trustingly agreed, but underneath it all she was curious and tired of being treated like a kid. She went in and closed the door.

The elder Zephyr rushed to the edge of the forest and was soon enough there.

Ryuu had laid her down on a short hill in the thick grass and took her backpack off.

"How's she hurt," Zephyr yelled out before he could get close enough to see she was a human.

Ryuu couldn't think of the words to explain to the elder what had happened before he was right there. He stared in speechless astonishment.

"A human girl," Zephyr finally said.

He didn't answer and there was a long silence between them.

"That's right, you haven't been alive long enough to have ever see a human."

Ryuu nodded, "They really do have round ears."

"Did you know that there has been a human in here before?"

"Is that true?"

"Yes, there is a way for humans to get in here."

He patiently waited for the elder to explain.

"The spell was made to protect us from humans, so we could live in peace. The humans are always at war with each other. So eager to die for such a stupid cause. Those humans who are strong willed can fight the spell, but they can only fight it if they love and respect nature."

Ryuu's eyes sparkled, "So she can stay here?"

"Don't be naïve Ryuu! Just because she loves and respects nature doesn't mean she's peaceful."

"But she's strong willed also."

"A fighter must have a strong will."

Ryuu looked at her and decided that he would follow one the greatest advice he'd ever learn. Dare not judge before fair enlightenment.

There was a long silence till Ryuu would disrespect his elder Zephyr, "I think what you're saying is wrong. Shouldn't I give her a chance first?"

"You have a lot of guts boy," Zephyr smiled, "I was like you once. It's your choice to ignore my warning."

"You can't say that! A girl this young with that strong of a will? She should be dead. And a girl fighter? And saying she's bad just because maybe she's a fighter, but don't we have fighters too? And wars?" Ryuu argued.

Zephyr was silent in thought for a second, "You'll find out one day, and I think the rest of this town will agree, she's not welcome. But this explains why you're always hanging out in the forest. The forest is where we made our dimension so we would finally live in peace."

"But we've had wars on our planet too!"

"Quit arguing with me you impudent boy! How could you possibly be smarter or wiser than me!? If you think she's so peaceful treat her yourself!"

Zephyr stormed off back towards the town, but he knew he would probably have to deal with her later.

Ryuu couldn't do anything about her sprained ankle without knowing how to take her shoe off. It had laces, like elven things often did, but there could be more to it. He didn't want to do anything without being completely sure. A few hours later Lia never came back and it was getting late. Ryuu wouldn't be going home that night. The moon was almost right above them when Jupiter woke up.

Ryuu laid down also, tired from standing. He laid down on his side and propped his head up with his arms, pressing hard against his cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open and Ryuu had been intensely watching her the whole time.

"You're awake."

She sat up and winced at the pain in her ankle.

"You're the one who saved me, thank you so much," Jupiter smiled as she looked over to finally see his long elf ears.

"God," she laid back down in the same warm spot she was in before, "I must still be sleeping."

Chapter Three – She Awakes

Jupiter resettled herself in a new sleeping position and closed her eyes tightly, "Elves don't exist. Elves don't exist…"

"…Yeah we do," said Ryuu with great confusion.

She started chanting it louder, "Elves don't exist. Elves don't exist. Elves don't exist."

"I do too!" he put his hand on her cheek as proof, flustered by her words. How could she say this when I'm right here?

She opened her eyes and looked at his green eyes, "Gahh! This is way to cool of a dream for how much my ankle hurts."

He sat up quickly, "What do you mean by cool, are you cold?"

Ryuu stood up and took off his cape, laying it over her.

She sat up and looked at him in his eyes, which seemed to pause all the crazy thoughts in her head. This seemed to be one of the few things he thought he understood about her, but turned out to be wrong.

It amazed Jupiter that he was so kind and considerate towards a stranger, "No, I'm not cold. Thank you though."

He looked at her with complete interest and bewilderment. He took his cape back and put it on himself. Jupiter cocked her head in intrigue and bewilderment. The bewilderment, however, was not only Jupiter's.

"Well the stories were right then, elves are beautiful," said Jupiter with a sigh, as she though out the one clear, decided though she had.

Ryuu blushed ever so lightly, as he thought of how beautiful her eyes were. To think in his entire lifetime he would actually ever see a human. She was strong willed, she loved nature, and everything preconceived about her. Thinking about this all, he was so taken aback; without really thinking, he moved forward to kiss her. She moved away quickly, which jolted at her leg.

She squealed in pain, "It hurts!

"That's right," said Ryuu avoiding eye contact, "How can I take your-" he pointed at her shoe, " I can heal it then."

"You pull on the laces to untie it and you pull the shoe off." Jupiter said as if it were something quite obvious.

He was unsure, but decided to give it a try. Ryuu carefully got the shoe off and put his hands about an inch away from the sprain on either side of the ankle. A green glowing light came from his hands. The light made shape as drops of water would, the gravity pulling the green droplets of energy towards the ankle, right in-between the two hands. Some collected at the surface of her ankle and some seemed to absorb right into her ankle, which was now also reflecting a green glow.. The pain slowly went away until it was gone and he finished.

She stared in amazement. As he did this the pulsing pain in her ankle went away. Jupiter breathed in with a sigh of relief as the swelling went down and her fat ankle was her thin ankle again.

"Let's have you try standing." He put his hand out to pull her up and she took it.

For the first time she really saw the world around her. From the green and tall grass and flowers to what looked like the edge of the forest she had wandered around in for a while. She couldn't see above the edge of the hill, and she didn't feel like looking at the moment.

"I'm sorry, I've been kinda rude," said Jupiter, "You saved my life and you healed me. Thank you so much."

"Your welcome."

She tipped her head up and looked into his eyes again in amazement. Ryuu was still about a foot taller than Jupiter. She looked at the white crescent moon and the incredibly bright stars, and thought how romantic this really was.

He was bewildered again, "What…?"

Even so, she quickly looked away not to let this moment get any more romantic. Ryuu was a stranger to her and she wasn't about to kiss him.

No way, no how was I even thinking about kissing him. Nope. Not at all! Jupiter thought, turning red herself, "Nothing."

She walked to the bottom edge of the hill and looked up to him. Ryuu looked really cool in they type of clothing you'd see in the renaissance period. Ryuu wore a dark brown tunic and wool cape. He had leather boots which were laced up his whole shin and folded over at the top and his off-white breaches hung over the top of boots. Underneath the brown tunic was a white, loose, long sleeved silk shirt that was tied on the wrist. At his waist hung a sword, Jupiter couldn't see what type though.

"I have a lot of questions you know, but are we just gonna sit around?" Jupiter finally said.

"This is where we're staying for the night," said Ryuu as he looked down.

She was curious to the shameful tone in his voice, "Why?"

"Because most elves hate humans."

Jupiter cocked her head to the side in bewilderment again, but decided not to ask again.

Ryuu looked down at her stuff, "I found this stuff with you. You do want it don't you?"

She ran up the hill again stumbling once or twice and picked up her CD which was stained with rain, but it could be fixed. She put her CD in the CD player and put them in her bag.

As Jupiter did this all Ryuu curiously looked on. What were these things and how was this bag opened and closed so easily?

"So we're sleeping in the grass?" Jupiter started brushing her tangled hair after she pulled out a dinky little brush for her thick long brown hair. Especially for how tangled it was, having getting it wet and sit there. That was one thing she never did, because the consequences of having to brush her hair after letting it dry while tangled was far too great.

"Yes. I'm sorry but I angered the elder and you won't be accepted in the town without his acceptance. We will talk to him tomorrow."

Chapter Four – Nighttime

There was a long quiet and Ryuu looked up at the beautiful sky. His eyes squinted thinking about the argument he had with Zephyr. The whole air about him made him seem very mature at that moment and the light caught his eyes.

Ryuu suddenly came out of thought and plopped himself down on a plushy mount of grass to sleep on, "You'll have to rough it."

"Don't think I can handle it?" Jupiter's eyes blazed with excitement, she wanted to stir things up a bit. She wouldn't be getting to sleep any time soon with everything going around in her head.

"No! I didn't mean it that way… Just that a lady shouldn't sleep in the grass," he said quickly.

Jupiter started laughing, "I was just teasing!"

She laughed again thinking of how quickly she had worked him up about it, "You should lighten up."

Ryuu was confused by what she meant, "It's said elves are lighter than humans."

Jupiter burst out laughing again, "It's just a saying. It's not literal at all."

He felt he wasn't being a gentleman and was frustrated by all the confusion, "I'm going to sleep now."

She frowned and decided to let it be, "Alright, me too."

Jupiter put her jacket on and used the hood of it as a pillow.

The night moved on as the moon loomed over them, its pearly white light shining down on them. Jupiter and Ryuu both silently drifted off into sleep.

It came to be the early hours of the morning when the sun was still not up, Jupiter woke up because it was so cold. She just couldn't stop shivering.

She looked over to Ryuu who was sleeping soundly (and also added in how beautiful he looked even when he slept) and decided she wouldn't wake him up, but soon enough she was just too tired to care. She wearily tugged on the shoulder of his tunic.

His eyes slowly opened, he sat up, "What is it?"

"I'm cold. I wasn't expecting to need to sleep somewhere other than a warm bed when I chose my stuff to take with me."


He stood up and took his cape off and laid it over Jupiter.

"Do you think you can sleep now?"

Jupiter smiled at him, "Yeah, thanks so much."

A few minutes later of silence, "Ryuu."

"Yes?" his long ear had twitched at the broken silence.

"You can't sleep either?"


Ryuu sat up and looked over to her, "Are you still cold?"

"No, I had a dream about this place before I woke up. I'm curious. I have so many questions."

"Do you want to stay awake for a while?" Ryuu smiled.

Jupiter's curiosity of him and his land was the same curiosity he had of her and her land.

Jupiter smiled as she sat up, "What's this place called?"

"Faelis… A long time ago, before I was born, humans could do nothing but start pointless wars and kill themselves. Elves wanted peace, so we used our magic to get away from it all."

She looked up at the clouds, which had started to get orange linings and the stars were starting to disappear.

"The forest you walked into was the doorway to our world."

"You mean that you guys created a whole other world?"

"Yes, Faelis is just the main town of Faelis."

"Faelis is named after your planet?" she thought that was sort of stupid, but it was the gateway town.

"Well actually tales tell that they thought they only created a little continent, but that wouldn't hold up to the laws of the world, so we actually created another planet."

"So this is the town Faelis and the world Faelis."

"Yes. This is Faelis, the elven world, where not much changes," Ryuu said with spite, "But many animals are welcomed into our world."

Jupiter laid down, feeling at ease knowing what this place was, "Well… I think I'm ready to sleep."

"Alright," Ryuu laid down, but he wouldn't sleep. Thoughts swept his mind about her world and all the stories. Jupiter was different than anything he expected.

Chapter Five – In the Town of Faelis

A morning blue bird hopped along a branch over Jupiter and Ryuu, and started chirping it's sweet song. Jupiter's eyes slowly opened, whereas Ryuu had been awake.

"Today we see the elder?" she said as she got up.

"Yes," said Ryuu taking his cape before Jupiter could get it and wipe the grass off herself, as a simple thanks for lending it to her.

"Do you think the elder will give me a chance?"

"I don't know, but I think he'll have to since we can't send you home because you'll die." Ryuu had said this avoiding eye contact and finally reattaching the cape to himself.

"What!? …What do you mean?" said Jupiter quickly.

Ryuu was confused, but nevertheless he repeated, "I think he'll have to give you a chance because you'll die if you go through the forest again."

She didn't want to believe it, "You mean I can't ever go home?"

"Probably not."


Ryuu didn't reply. He hadn't thought about that fact yet.

Her eyes grew teary and she tried to blink them back. She would never be irritated by her brother ever again and get to yell at him for taking her car while she was on vacation.

Jupiter's eyes swelled up at the thought again, "How can you say that so calmly? How would you feel if you never got to see your family ever again!?"

There was a long silence between them as tears slid down her face. She wanted to whap him right across the face, but would never hurt someone. Especially if that someone saved her life.

"I'm sorry," Ryuu finally made out. Yelling was something rare in the elven world, but he'd been hearing a lot of it in the last few days.

Jupiter tipped her head up high, looked up to the morning sky after a long silence. The tears slid down the side of her face catching on her ears, "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. It's not like you pulled me in here, you saved my life. It's all my fault. I just had to take this trip!"

She ran over to her backpack and kicked it hard only moving it a few feet, "GAHHH!"

Ryuu stared at her in bewilderment, blinking a few times, was she dangerous?

Jupiter picked her backpack up and put it on and smiled widely at Ryuu (who was still extremely confused), and took a deep breath. That smile of hers looked dangerous.

"I feel better now," she said a bit too cheery.

In all about one minute she went from normal to really sad to really angry to way too cheerful. Ryuu decided to just follow her lead and pretend nothing happened.

"So shouldn't we get goin'?" asked Jupiter as a slight breeze pulled back her hair revealing another tear which she hid again behind her hair.

Ryuu nodded with a smile as he started to lead the way, walking up the hill. It reached a plateau, which had much taller grass, wheat, and flowers. A majority of the flowers were violet lilacs and jasmine. Bees buzzed around the flowers, each collecting its own nectar. Beyond the little field, there was the town. There started a stone path which headed straight for the town. It wasn't a very big stone path, more like little stepping stones. There was the sound of feet on the ground in the town and elves could be seen in the distance. Nevertheless, the town was a lot quieter than any earth town that size.

Jupiter stopped as she took this all in, "So this is the town Faelis?"

"Yes," said Ryuu as he looked back at her, "Let's keep going. I don't want to get stopped by my parents. I'm one of the younger elves so they'll be really angry at me for not coming home last night. More should I say, without telling them."

She nodded and they continued. His parents sounded like her own, which above all she really didn't want to think about.

The town's houses were made of wood and stone, with leaves and hay for the roofs. Most of the houses didn't have glass on their windows, but just thick shutters which could be opened. Throughout the entire town were many trees and flower pots, which often held the same flowers grown in the field; violet lilacs and jasmine.

"Follow closely behind me and try to keep your head down a bit, so no one sees your ears. It's better to not cause any uproar. You have to remember most elves hate humans, so try to make a good impression. Alright?" they hadn't run into anyone when Ryuu said this.

Jupiter nodded and walked closer behind him. Even understanding so, it irritated her that she has to act like she was ashamed of being a human. She most definitely wasn't, which made it more unfair to her that she had to be treated like she was someone below them all.

They started to get further into the heart of the town, and more and more elves walked among them. She wanted to look around with curiosity, but that wasn't going to happen. Jupiter could feel the stares of other elves on her with bewilderment and curiosity. Who was this short person and why was she following Ryuu so closely? Even so, none thought of her being a human.

Finally they reached the elder's house and Ryuu knocked. Then the other elves on the road were really staring at both of them. The main thought in the elves heads were; what was going on?

"Knew Ryuu would be back," said Zephyr cursing the door, since it was what he had knocked on. He really didn't want to deal with this at the moment or any moment come to think of it.

The door swung open and Zephyr politely invited them in.

Chapter Six – Convincing Zephyr

Jupiter stopped hiding behind Ryuu and bowed to Zephyr quickly. He had the two sit down on a couch.

Jupiter stood up instantly, "There's fur for the cushion!"

Ryuu looked at her like she was being absurd.

She sat down again, "Sorry, it's just very unusual to me."

"It's the finest wool cushion, with fox skin surrounding the top. It was made out of oak wood," said Zephyr bragging.

Jupiter disliked animal furs being used, but maybe they didn't have any alternative, "A fox had to die for this."

Zephyr was confused at the complete difference in previous humans he'd known. He could feel the sorrow in her voice for an animal, and her disgust to sitting there. Her stomach turned thinking about it.

This house seemed to be much more up to date than the rest of the houses in the town. It was still very out of date for a house but not as much as the rest. It had things like couches, rugs, a fireplace, paintings, and much fancier things.

The house was very formal. Zephyr got them some tea and sat down to finally talk. If he had to sit through this conversation, might as well have some good Raspberry tea.

"So to introduce you two," Ryuu finally said, "This is Elder Zephyr of Odilius. This is Jupiter…"

"Jupiter Eagleseye," she said proudly, "it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Zephyr made out, "interesting accent you have, where's it from?"


"America? I've never heard of that place."

"So you elves don't know of America?" she asked her eyes blazing with amusement again, "I hope you guys don't think the world is flat still."

Zephyr glared at her and she would have laughed if it weren't for that glare. Project lighten-the-mood-up had failed horribly and now he had less respect for her than he did before.

"You humans were the ones who couldn't believe the world is round," said Zephyr.

"Really? The elves argued that?" Jupiter said up straighter, like a child ready to listen, "wow… Well it's not like we still believe. Come to think of all the stupid things you think we still do…"

"I don't mean to interrupt, but this is all off subject," said Ryuu reminding them, "We need to know if Jupiter is welcomed in the town of Faelis. Or as that goes what we're going to do with her."

Zephyr stood up, "Absolutely not. The human is not welcome. They're ignorant, inconsiderate, dangerous, and …rude. It's not my-"

"Rude!?" Jupiter stood up, that was the last straw and her blood had been boiling all morning, "Not nearly as bad as you! Who the hell are you to judge me? You don't even know me! The information you're judging me on is so outdated. I mean you don't even know of America! So, what's fair to say I'm ignorant? I've only had sixteen years of life and eleven years of schooling. I don't know how old you are but it's more than me. I've learned a hell of a lot and I'm not gonna stop!"

Zephyrs eyes flared, he was cranky too and he had just been waiting for this, "I'm more rude than you? You have stood up and started yelling at me! Me! The most respected person on this planet and you're yelling at me."

"Oh, don't give me that crap!" yelled Jupiter, "Just because you're respected means you're almighty? I'm yelling because you're being a shallow idiot! Stereotypical ideals!"

He was confused by what she meant, but it didn't matter, because she was yelling at him, "That's what I mean by human thinking! She thinks just because I'm a shallow idiot, she can start yelling at anyone!"

Ryuu had been watching them yell back and fourth.



"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Ryuu jumped in between the two but mainly faced Jupiter, because he couldn't tell the elder to be quiet, "Quit yelling!"

The two suddenly stepped back and realized they were both being unreasonable. Jupiter sat down quickly; she had gotten her face flushed with all of the yelling.

"I apologize for the way I was acting," said Jupiter, hiding her face in the cup of tea she had.

As far as it was to Ryuu, the meeting had gone wrong, very wrong. They were both being immature, but even so Jupiter had a good point; he shouldn't judge her like he was.

"Apology accepted," said Zephyr smugly, a smile appearing on his face.

"The point I was trying to get across was; I think you should give me a chance before you send me off. I believe it's unfair to judge me on what my race had done millions of years ago," said Jupiter with a pause, "Also what am I going to do if you don't accept me here?"

What wasn't said was in all of their heads. If the most respected elf didn't accept her here, the rest of the world wouldn't accept her.

Jupiter continued, "It's not my fault that I'm here. How are we supposed to know that forest is your gate? We are completely unaware. You put the spell there and now I can't go home ever. So, how is this my fault?"

"It won't work if you pass right though."

"I was lost. I had been lost all day. I was cold, tired, hungry, and lost. Is that fair?"

Zephyr didn't reply, but still kept that smug look on his face. That look like he was saying; Quit wasting your breath, I'm never going to accept you.

Suddenly she realized something and smiled politely, "All I'm asking for is the fair chance I deserve."

Jupiter had regained all confidence and Ryuu could tell. He shifted positions with interest to what this confidence was from.

"I just have to wonder what other elves would think when they found out their all respected elder didn't accept me without giving me a fair chance first. I think they'd be very interested in it."

She smiled wider as the smile on his face slowly disappeared. She was in control now.

"And to think that's what you've been saying that's what you were going to do. Oh you're so very fair.

Jupiter smiled politely, "So? What's your decision?"

She hated the fact that she had do manipulate the situation, but what else could she do. All she knew was she had keep acting like manipulation like this was reasonable.

Chapter Seven – Faces of the Town Faelis

"My decision?" said Zephyr completely amazed.

There was a long silence as they awaited his words.

"I suppose I'll give you a chance," he said finally, "You can stay in Faelis for a little while. But you need to be able to not cause any trouble."

"That's not fair," said Jupiter firmly, "you expect me to walk into another world and suddenly know the customs and ways you live?"

Zephyr paused, he was so taken aback that she was catching every little loop-hole that he might really let her stay, "I suppose someone will have to show you."

"I'll do it," Ryuu automatically offered.

Jupiter smiled kindly, "Also, I was wondering… Are you going to introduce me to the rest of the town, 'cause I don't think they're going to go 'Oh look, there's a human.' It's going to be more of an uproar."

"Yes," he said with great irritation, "I'll introduce you to the town. It'll take a little to get them all gathered."

"Great," Jupiter said quickly with a smile, "It's a deal."

"Yes, it's a deal," said Zephyr and he definitely didn't have the smug little smile on his face anymore.

Zephyr stood up, finally the damned meeting was over, "You two can stay here, while I call a meeting."

Jupiter stood up also and bowed deeply to Zephyr, "Thank you so much."

He didn't reply, but left the room. Even though he wouldn't say it or show it, he was really taken aback by Jupiter. She wasn't like any human he had ever met.

She didn't wear a dress, which was absurd for a woman. She didn't smell bad, in fact she had taken in the sweet smell of grass and lilacs from the sleep the night before. She spoke with a great interest and she respected elves herself. Jupiter also had a great respect for nature.

Zephyr had been surprised when she commented about the fox skin. To think she would care that much for an animal. Most humans had thought most animals to be less than them.

Zephyr had now walked up to a tower which he now used his quick elf speed to climb it quickly, almost like a monkey would. The tower had five wooden poles holding straight up, and cut poles sticking out from the side. They were bound together by a type of woven rope. There were levels of these about every five feet, which Zephyr climbed easily.

At the top he picked up a horn and blew through it strong and steadily for about ten seconds then four more quick times. He could see the towns people peering at him from about 15 feet below. He climbed down and started back for his house. He got Jupiter and Ryuu, and they followed his quick pace.

They walked through the town in a completely different direction and at the complete center of the town they came upon the meeting place. It had stone seats in a complete circle that were cut into the ground leading down to the bottom of it all. It had the diameter of about 20 feet, and it was all stone too. This meeting place looked like it had the roman architecture of an arena.

"This place is called the Faerena," Ryuu informed Jupiter, "It's our towns meeting place. It is also the world meeting place seeing this is the main town, where Faelis was created."

She nodded as they walked down. Even though the pace was quick, she did not falter. In fact, going down stairs quickly was something she had gotten good practice with in school. Zephyr was surprised she was keeping up so well.

As the elves settled, the three stepped into the center and the attention was perfect.

Zephyr started, "I, Elder Zephyr of Odilius, have called this meeting for one of the topics long left out of Faerena. Humans…"

It seemed like he expected for whispers and talk to break out, but they kept their undying attention centered.

"Yesterday, for the first time in centuries, a human got through our forest," now you could hear the elves hold their breath, but not a single peep was made, "This girl, Jupiter Eagelseye, has asked me to give her a fair chance to be accepted into Faelis."

He left the floor open to her, in hope that she would not speak, but she was not about to give her first impression off as a bad one. Her orange hazel eyes beamed as she looked up to the people of Faelis.

Jupiter started, "Years have gone by. As they go by, things change and even though I don't know years by which you judge me, you must trust me that the human race has greatly changed. I understand that elves do not like humans, but please try to have an open mind and treat me fairly. Times change and so have we. People are very different as it comes person to person. Please don't judge me on something that I have not done. I have no home I can go back to, so please, give me a chance."

Zephyr cursed himself behind his breath as she finished, "So, she has pointed out to me that we cannot expect her to know our culture at once. I agree, so I have assigned Ryuu of Celios, who found her, to help her out. As long as you have any problem with her Ryuu is responsible for her, and you must come to him.

Ryuu had been cursing himself too because his family would be even more angry to find out where he has been this way, while everyone else was. He pretended to smiled at the crowd in front of him.

"That is all of this matter," Zephyr went on, "I would like the People of the Faelisean Circle to come to my house with me now. Thank you for your time on this pressing matter."

Chapter Eight – Ryuu's Home

Most of the elves stood up and started to leave, with curious eyes peering at Jupiter. Zephyr stayed standing at the center of the platform waiting patiently for the People of the Faelisean Circle to arrive. Jupiter could tell Ryuu was antsy. His family was angrily making their way down to him, which included Lia. Right now Ryuu was wishing he could switch spots with Jupiter and not have to ever see his family again.

"Ryuu!" Lia called out first, "You never said you wouldn't come home!"

He didn't reply, because it wasn't his little sister's voice that he was worried about.

"Ryuu," a calm, but stern voice came from another woman, "You are far too young to be staying out on your own without telling someone. When you're older you'll have the right to leave without telling anyone, but either way, I am your mother and I deserve to know where you go."

The woman elf was tall and thin like all the elves there. She wore a simple, sleeveless, deerskin dress and a woven red rose vest over it. It had leather cords, woven criss-cross up on the sides the whole length of the dress and the vest was tied in the back a lot like a corset, but didn't seem to be tied tightly. The bottom wasn't puffy, but laid over her. She wore shoes that had a flat wooden bottom and wool over it, laces over her feet and up to her ankle, where it was tied in a bow, and a thin cotton fabric over her feet and under the laces. She had long blond hair, which was braided down her back the same way as Ryuu's brown hair, and she had deep green eyes also.

Jupiter watched with curiosity as another man elf approached with a stern look on his face, obviously his father.

"I'm sorry, but you know what the elder has assigned to me," said Ryuu, "I argued with him and he wouldn't help me take care of Jupiter. I couldn't bring her into the town and the house without any notice of company. She had hurt her ankle and I didn't know if anything else was wrong."

"I am so angry with you right now. You argued with the elder?" The man elf said, "You were so rude? Did you even apologize?"

"He was being rude to me too."

"You're going to use that bad of an excuse?" He pressed even louder, "Did you even apologize?"

"No." said Ryuu looking down in shame.

"You arrogant boy! And to think of the trouble you've gotten yourself into. Who's going to help me at the shop?"

"I'm sorry!" said Jupiter jumping in, "It's my fault completely! You shouldn't yell at him."

His already squinting green eyes squinted even smaller at her with confusion. He wore the same brown tunic and wool cape as Ryuu and nicer deerskin boots. He had stronger build of muscled and had a thicker build than Ryuu.

Just from the look he gave her, she knew she had stepped out of line, but then his words didn't match.

"I suppose so," he said quietly, "You just worried me a lot."

It was something that she could completely understand, the love between a family. Then she suddenly remembered her own father and how she would never see him again.

She looked up at the familiar deep blue sky.

"So she is going to have to stay with us, I suppose," said Ryuu's mother.

Ryuu looked up with a smile, "You guys will help me?"

"Yes, of course," She said kindly.

Jupiter was tired both physically and emotionally, but even so she needed to make a good impression on everyone and convince them she was a great person.

Jupiter looked up to her, then looked down and bowed deeply, "Thank you so much."

"You must excuse me. I'm a part of the Faelisean Circle, and there has been a meeting called," said Ryuu's father.

He left and walked down to the center of Faerena. Jupiter looked on curiously to try to remember the faces of those in the Faelisean Circle, because the meeting was surely about her. She wanted to find out what they were going to say about her, but there was no way that was going to happen. On the walk to their house, Ryuu was silent.

"We have a guest room," said Ryuu's mother, "so you will be able to just take over that room."

"Thank you," said Jupiter, "I know you're Ryuu's mother, but… what's your name."

"I am Irah of Celios," She said politely, since Jupiter had been so polite to her, "And Ryuu's father is Lakim of Celios."

She repeated them in her head, in hope her bad skills of remembering names wouldn't kick in, "It's nice to meet you, Irah of Celios."

"I'm Ryuu's little sister," she said, "Lia of Celios."

"It's nice to meet you too, Lia of Celios," said Jupiter.

They reached a house that was grey stone and light colored wood shutters. Irah offered a room, which had a dresser, a feather bed, and a little shutter window. Between wooden panels lining the crease between one wall and the next was what seemed to be paper the sturdy, but cold stone walls. The paper had decorations of birds, flowers and other nature painted on it. The decorations were what Jupiter knew to be like traditional Asian decorations.

Jupiter finished looking around in awe and put her bag down, quickly plopping in the bed. It wasn't as comfortable as her usual bed, but it was much more comfortable than the ground she slept in the night before.

She was at home, and there was a party going on. She was seeing all the family and friends. She kept trying to get her fathers attention, and she kept saying it over and over. She needed to tell him what happened in the forest. She needed to know how she got back. Person after person arrived, till everyone she cared about was there, but it rang again. She opened the door. There was Ryuu. She smiled and jumped into his arms.

"Jupiter…" he said her name over and over, "Jupiter…"

BOOM! It thundered loudly outside of her room. She was back in Celios' house, and right there was Ryuu.

"What's going on?" Jupiter asked quickly.

He replied, "I was getting you for dinner."

"Oh." It thundered again and Jupiter flinched.

"What does the word 'Dad' mean?" asked Ryuu softly, "You called it out in your sleep."

Obviously Dad wasn't a word in the English they used, "It's another word that's been made for Father."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Ryuu stood up, with a realization of how hard this was for her.