We knew it wouldn't last forever,

we knew it couldn't stay.

My heart torn open, ripped apart,

by something you wouldn't say.

Your flashy ways and willing smile,

too innocent by far.

Show nothing of the truth within,

a child, cursed by scars.

An old past love, a love before,

had torn your heart in two.

Now something you pass on to me,

an untruthful 'I love you'.

Perhaps we'll benefit, I can't see how,

by growing far apart.

With something you passed on to me,

an open bleeding heart.

This load is seemingly too hard,

I cannot stand alone.

But in a whispering voice I hear,

'My child, do not fear to moan'.

'For though your life is troubled,

and oddly seeming uncared for.

Remember in your trials dear,

I can heal your sore.'

Now sing my heart for gladness,

and begin your life anew!

For Jesus Christ is Lord of all,

His love and peace for you.

So mended is my heart through love,

a love so tried and true.

And now I show my love through praise,

Lord Jesus, I love you.