Paths of my love and I

By: Kira Bouviea'

I have walked this path alone,

Seen and unseen by many and few.

Golden tears have fallen down your face,

Yet no one has seen them but me.

You have walked a path with many,

Seen and known by many and few.

Do you know how silver tears have fallen from my eyes?

I have wept for you, crying out at your pain.

Screaming in agony - yet no one hears.

Your painted face shows how happy you seem to be.

Yet your haunted eyes have betrayed your pain.

When our paths cross I search your face,

For what I do not know.

Do you notice how no one cares until you hurt?

Yet no one can see that there isn't a time when you're not in pain?

Oh, how I would love to see you smile.

My love, my darling, please just smile for me.