Champions Search

By: Kira Bouviea'

A lady in white walks along a winding road.

She searches for her champion,

In fine courts; among nobles and gentry,

In plain villages; among farmers and shopkeepers,

High and low she looks, leaving no stone unturned.

For years she searches; finding no one to champion her cause.

She searches until there is no where else to look.

In desolation, she travels home,

A fear in her heart,

Will she find no one to shoulder her cause?

As she enters the gate to her home,

She finds what she had been missing.

Her kinsmen, her servants, farmers and shopkeepers;

They are her champions all.

If she had but looked at the hearts of her people,

She would have found that she needn't have quested at all.

Sometimes the greatest Champions are the one's most overlooked.